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Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips For Startups & Small Businesses

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Double Your Profit With These 5 Digital Marketing Tips

Marketing techniques based on digital technology have grown significantly in recent years. Businesses and well-known brands have already carved out significant territory in the digital realm, but this does not imply that they will continue to do so.

Being informed about digital marketing the various digital marketing tips will help you gain an understanding of the digital marketing industry and can enable entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses to take full advantage of what digital marketing has to offer.

But first let’s take a quick look at what digital marketing is and then we’ll move on to the tips.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of the Internet, mobile devices, social media, search engines, and other platforms to reach clients.

In comparison to traditional marketing, some marketing experts think that digital marketing is a whole new endeavour that needs a new approach to clients as well as a new understanding of how customers act.

And it’s true, at a time when more people have access to the internet from every part of the globe, the time for traditional marketing is coming to an end. 

However, many new businesses have no clue how to utilise the latest digital marketing tools efficiently and successfully, or may know how but wish to focus on certain components such as SEO, SEM, Paid Ads, and so on. As a result, IIDE offers a fully customizable corporate training in digital marketing that can be tailored to each company’s needs.

Now without further ado, let’s take a look at our top 5 detailed digital marketing tips that will undoubtedly assist you in achieving your goals and growing your business.

5 Best Digital Marketing Tips For Startups & Small Businesses

1. Focus on SEO 

SEO is an acronym for search engine optimization. The objective of any small business is to improve brand visibility. To be found, you must rank on a search engine. How do you go about doing that? In brief, you must utilise relevant keywords, incorporate SEO-rich blogs on your website, use picture alt tags, and so on.

Using a focus keyword in conjunction with related keywords may help your content, whether video, picture, or blog, rank higher in search engines. This increases the exposure and awareness of your website.

Example “red shoes” is the focus keyword and words that follow that can be the related keywords.

There are many more seo benefits that you will be able to enjoy if you choose to invest some time and effort into it. So be sure not to miss out!

2. Make an Effective Website

Optimizing your website with keywords is vital, but it is a secondary step; the first and most significant step is to create a website. Investing in a website gives your company a professional appearance and increases credibility. Aside from that, it saves you the time and work of sending out a catalogue of your product or service each time.

There are some key points that you have to keep in mind while creating your own website or outsourcing it:

  • The homepage should be simple. There shouldn’t be too many photos, links, or other types of information on your homepage because it will clutter it and overwhelm the reader.
  • Make sure to provide high-quality content related to your brand, such as blogs, news stories, and so on. Include a call-to-action, such as a sign-up form or a free newsletter, to urge your reader to participate.
  • Make sure your website is simple to navigate. You want your users to be able to quickly locate the information they want. Furthermore, a site with good navigation makes it easier for search engines to index your material, which improves the user experience.
  • Make sure the security on your website is up to date, especially if you deal with transactions. Customers will also feel at ease if they know that the website is secured.

3. Invest in Whatsapp Marketing 

The current digital marketing trend is to use WhatsApp to advertise your product or service and keep in touch with your audience. 

You may create a whatsapp business profile with information like your name, profile photo, business address (with map), company category, business description, business hours, email address, and up to 2 website links using the business app’s convenient features.

The software has additional beneficial functions besides creating a distinctive business profile. For example, you can look at message statistics (number of messages sent, delivered, read, and received).

This allows you to try out multiple methods to see what works best for your company while still being cost effective.

4. Focus on Mobile Devices

People are increasingly using their mobile devices to access various types of content. Reaching out to a mobile audience should be an important part of any marketing strategy. After all, India alone has over a billion mobile phone users, so imagine how many prospective consumers you might reach out to.

You will need to improve your websites to make them more user-friendly, focus on whatsapp marketing as previously said, and promote on different prominent social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

5. Social Media Marketing

Increasing brand awareness is one of the most essential marketing objectives for every business. This is owing to the fact that people prefer to buy from brands with which they are familiar. Fortunately, social media makes creating a brand easy and efficient.

Being active on Social Media Platforms helps you to learn about consumers’ interests and opinions that you would not have known about otherwise. This is one of the most effective research tools at your disposal.

One of the most significant advantages of social media is the ability to evaluate the demographics of your customers. You may gain in-depth knowledge of your consumers and promote your products or services to them accordingly.

These 5 digital marketing techniques can certainly assist you in achieving the greatest outcomes; but, simply knowing the suggestions is only half the fight; successfully applying and executing them is also critical.

Learning digital marketing in a comprehensive and structured format is critical for laying a solid foundation. Furthermore, it provides you with all of the necessary skills to stay current and face any future digital marketing trends as well as the necessary tools, tactics, and strategies you will need to fully upskill yourself.

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Karan Shah

Founder and CEO at IIDE

An ‘Edupreneur’ and the founder of IIDE – Indian Institute of Digital Education.

He is a passionate public speaker and teacher for over 10 years. He has trained over 1,00,000+ students and 25+ corporates in Digital Marketing via online and offline channels. He is a Harvard alumnus specialising in E-commerce. He is a TEDx speaker and is a visiting faculty at India’s top management institutes like the IIMs.

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