What Are The Components Affecting the Inverter Price?

The solar inverter price is determined by several variables. This investment should be carefully considered as the safety of your homes, appliance and electricity bills depend on it.  

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The solar inverter is one of the most crucial pieces of a solar system. Numerous features and specifications are now available for solar inverters thanks to ever-evolving technology developments. Even though it comes with its own set of advantages, it also means that choosing the best solar inverter type and pricing for your needs can get complicated.

Even if you may believe that knowing the solar inverter price is important, you must also consider the many features and specifications because such pieces of equipment are a long-term investment. The solar inverter price is determined by several variables. This investment should be carefully considered as the safety of your homes, appliance and electricity bills depend on it.  


Given that the solar inverter price is often high, it's crucial to create a budget based on the elements influencing the cost of solar inverters in the Indian market. Below are a handful of those factors:

The Necessary Load: The inverter price is directly impacted by the load required. The inverter price tends to rise together with a high load requirement. For instance, a solar inverter will require a lower load capacity if you only wish to power a few items, such as fans and lights. So, you can consider lower-capacity solar inverters with affordable inverter price if your load requirements are light. 

On the other hand, you will need a high-capacity solar inverter if you add air conditioners and other powerful appliances to the load. Additionally, such big-capacity solar inverters' prices could be a little higher.

Online load calculators can be used to calculate the load capacity as well as the amount of money you would save by converting to solar power systems.

Type of Inverter: Your choice of inverter type will significantly impact the solar inverter price. On-grid and off-grid solar inverters are the two main types of inverters readily available in the market. Let us know about them in detail. 

Grid-tied or On-Grid systems: 

  • Install net meters to monitor electricity use and export.
  • Realize cost savings from energy sent back to the grid.
  • Since there are no batteries involved, it is typically affordable.
  • Operate in conjunction with the grid to be unaffected by outages of the grid.

Off-Grid System: 

  • Batteries can be used to store excess solar energy.
  • The stored energy can be converted to alternating current as needed.
  • This is ideal for remote locations with frequent power outages and the absence of grids.
  • Although the solar inverter price is a little bit more, the cost of the batteries has decreased, further lowering it. 
  • Purchasing such technology guarantees long-term cost savings on your electricity costs. 

Use of Technology: The technology an inverter uses has an impact on the inverter price as well. PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and MPPT (Maximum Power Point Trackers) technologies are the two main categories.

PWM technology is more cost-effective and appropriate for solar inverters with smaller capacities. While MPPT technology gives 30% more efficiency and is better suited for inverters with higher capacities, the MPPT inverter price is slightly higher than the PWM inverter price.

Final Thoughts 

Purchasing a solar inverter is a wise one-time investment that moves you closer to living independently, cleanly, and sustainably. When searching for the most efficient products on the market, keep respected names like Luminous in mind. 

They are known for having a large selection of solar inverters and other items that can be changed to fit the needs of each customer. Additionally, you can rely on them to give you high-quality items and first-rate customer service. So what are you still holding out for? Bring a solar inverter home right away!

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