Survey on Digital Content Consumption by Indian Moms Unleashed by Kidsstoppress

Marketers can use the survey results, taken during the pandemic times to plan their budgets  especially in these uncertain pandemic times to understand what the customer- the parent- is  actually looking for and is interested in.  

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Mansi Zaveri,


  • Social media’s impact on mental wellbeing is most heavily felt by younger consumers.  While a high proportion of older moms still use Facebook on a weekly basis, it falls  significantly behind Instagram not in popularity but in aspiration. 
  • If brands want their audience to know something, they should wrap exciting,  memorable content around that something and repeat, repeat, repeat. 
  • Brands need to now share 'use case' scenarios with their audience through influencers. 
  • When content and commerce collide - Our data shows that parents who follow a  platform/website/influencer are '13% more likely to buy the product' versus if they  haven’t been recommended by an expert/platform/trusted source. 
  • Today's moms need help from Google & parenting websites, not just when they start out,  but in their second phase of parenting too- when making choices for their tweens/teens.  Peer recommendations and trusted information matter the most. held by Kidsstoppress Media Pvt. Ltd released findings from The Digital Usage of the Indian Mom-2021 Survey., India’s trusted parenting platform has been in the space for more than 8  years and has worked with leading brands such as Marico, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Kotak,  ICICI, Viacom 18, P&G, Netflix, Abbott, Amazon, Google, Nokia, Datsun, LEGO, Intel India,  Nestle and many others.

One PagerThis survey, in its 2nd year, and an exclusive property of Kidsstoppress’s Research vertical, was  taken with an intent to understand moms better- what they need, what they are on the lookout for  and what they do with their smartphones in today’s pandemic times. This highlights the internet  usage of moms from when they are starting a family to having kids under 15 years. More than  650 million Indians were reported to have been connected to the Internet in 2020 and this report  helps break down the Indian mom’s Internet usage habits.  

Conducted online by during the pandemic year of 2020-2021, The Digital  Usage of Indian Moms Survey 2021 assessed 2000 moms across SEC A and B in the age group  of 24 to 45 years.  

The nationwide survey targeted working mothers as well as homemakers, across 15 Indian cities  such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Nagpur, Indore, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune,  Guwahati, Visakhapatnam, Amritsar, Ranchi, Lucknow, among others.  

According to the survey, a whopping 50% of moms across India claimed that WhatsApp has  emerged as the most used social media app, while Instagram remains their 1st choice when it  comes to discovering new products and services in parenting, like last year. 

‘How to keep kids busy’ soared as the most searched topic during the pandemic by Indian  mothers- in a year where there was a surge of 85% in Google searches for online courses. Parents  also searched for common pandemic queries like blue light blocking glasses for kids, improving  mental health of the family etc.  

Parental burnout was the most-discussed topic on KSP where we weighed in experts’ opinion  and how to make the journey easier for today’s moms. Moms also searched for easy and  nutritious recipes for children on Kidsstoppress. Additionally, moms confessed they need help/ ideas not just with their babies but also with their tweens/teens.  

Immunity & Health emerged as one of the top concerns of Indian moms during the pandemic as  well as the 2nd most searched topic online. And Instagram continues to be the most preferred  medium for product discovery for moms for the 2nd year in a row. 

Also, when it comes to sharing content on social media, Funny & Humorous content lead the  way, just like the previous year.  

One of the surprising results from the survey was about the Indian mom’s online spending  preferences. Cash On Delivery remains a preferred payout option for moms which was  surprising given the fact that UPI Transactions in 2020 alone were at a 3-year high according to  Google Year In Search (YIS) 2020 Report.  

Commenting on the survey findings, Ms. Mansi Zaveri, Founder & CEO, Kidsstoppress Media  Pvt. Limited said,  “The pandemic brought in a new dimension of Indian parents, who are more well-informed than before and want to explore their choices before zeroing in on any decisions. The world of social  media and trusted parenting platforms such as have now emerged as her first  circle of influence and something she trusts. This survey reveals she spends on an average 6 - 8  hours of the day’s time online and it is essential we understand how she uses it to help her in  #SimplifyingParenting.

This survey will help a lot of brands rethink their brand and communication strategies for the  coming months. Marketers can use the survey results to plan their budgets and upcoming  projects especially in these uncertain times.”

Mansi Zaveri Kidsstoppress Survey