6 Best Cricket Batting Gloves You Can Get Now

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One of the most demanding jobs to do in India is finding someone who doesn’t love cricket. Yes, cricket is a beloved sport nationally, with many Indian icons having gone to reach peak positions in the game globally. 

The likes of MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli are household names in India, with droves of Indian punters making a fortune from the dafabet mobile app, staking on their favorite Indian cricketers.

While talent is a core part of becoming a successful cricket player, having the befitting accessories also helps. One such critical sportswear you need to get right is your batting gloves.

With some many gloves in the market today, we went all out to do the hard work for you, identifying the best gloves you can get.

Here are our picks. 

1. Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Batting Gloves 

Where grip is a key box to tick on your batting glove checklist, Kookaburra Kahuna Pro gloves may be your best bet. 

Well designed with kahuna green shades, these gloves deliver good friction in players’ palms – thanks partly to the impressively comfy material on the palm area made of Quartz Pittard leather.

Expect a firm grip when making shots which even increases as your hands sweat. Highly efficient and made of Neoprene, a soft material commonly used in sports to pad the ankle and wrists. The band is remarkably lightweight and quickly dries out – a thoughtful add-on for warm weather. 

The split-finger design, high-density foam, and fibre tips are protectives to ensure your fingers are safe during play. 

Perforations at the palm region and side ventilation improve breathability and maximum comfort during play sessions.  

2.    Gunn & Moore Original Le Batting Gloves

Typical renowned Gunn and Moore, this product has a stunning rugged build with an efficient shield against heavy ball hits. 

The back of the gloves comes girded with Pro polyurethane(PU). The palm area spots a leather patch for grip, protection, and durability. 

Weighing 0.44kg, these pairs would feel heavier than most options on this list. This is a result of the extra paddings (with fibre and foams) 

They have extra wraps of raw cotton that doesn’t only protect your hands but also sustain the gloves’ performance and lifespan. 

It features a two-sided sweatband and a moisture-reduction design. 

3.    Adidas Incurza 1.0 Batting Gloves

These batting gloves come in different attractive designs and colour blends. They are of high-quality build with sturdy but lightweight material, weighing about 170 to 172g. 

Its V shape split finger promotes finger movement and easy wear-in, with each fingertip protected by the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) inserts.

Pittard Leather, commonly used for top-tier gloves, is sparingly featured in this model – for the thumb covering. Sheepskin leather dominates the palm region with decent perforations for good ventilation. 

These gloves are durable and suitable for both newbies and experts.

4. Gray-Nicolls Legend Cricket Batting Gloves 

Gray Nicolls is a household brand among cricketers. 

The Gray-Nicolls Legend Cricket gloves allow finger flexibility, maximum comfort, and a firm grip. Although they aren’t the cheapest on this list, they also boast top-grade materials. 

With high protectives like the Trizone pro-Shield Impact Bar spotted on the sides, players would not have many worries about a painful hand-to-ball hit – particularly during unorthodox shots or sweep shots. 

For added grip, the Gripster Leather design works great. This material stands the test of extensive usage and may offer a better grip over time. 

On those warm days, the toweling wristband can be a lifesaver, addressing your sweaty hands.

So while this Gray-Nicolls product isn’t cheap, the quality is a commendable trade-off. 

5. New Balance TC860 Batting Gloves 

New Balance is a top brand in cricketing for good reasons. The TC860 gloves are visually attractive, with red and white colour making them even more sporty and colourful. 

As expected from this brand, this product gives cricketers exceptional comfort. On the inside is soft cotton that leaves your fingers and palms well-padded and comfortable. The wristband is of the same soft cotton securely strapped around the wrist. 

The outer part of the palm has a pad of thin leather designed to promote a firm grip. This area is perforated for air circulation, avoiding overheating in hot seasons. 

Besides the palm holes, the fingers have side nettings for proper ventilation. But note that the thumb zone could be uncomfortably tight for big thumbs. 

For protection, they come with an extra layer on the index finger side of your palms, preventing hard hits. The tip of the index and middle fingers of the bottom hand glove has similar protective feel.

6. Chase R7 Batting Gloves 

These pairs are good options, especially for beginner cricketers on a budget. 

With the triple splits per finger, users can feel great flexibility and the fibre shield on each finger guides against the impact of painful hits. 

The palm area is protected with top-quality, durable calf leather with perforations for proper circulation and breathability against overheating. 

The toweling wristband gives a good hand fit and helps manage excessive sweat. 

Its light nature is an added selling point, weighing about 176 to 167g. The added R7 logo gives it a premium finish, as with more sophisticated gloves. 

We added these gloves, particularly for those on a tight budget. They are durable, comfortable, and have a nice grip.


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