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Synechron Launched Weath Tech Accelerator

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Synechron Inc., digital IT consulting firm for financial services, launched Wealth Tech Accelerator program. The launch will help wealth managers leverage technology, data science and analytics solutions that enhance customer acquisition, onboarding and engagement, increase transparency and help their clients plan for retirement.

Remaining relevant in a crowded, disruptive, and competitive marketplace is a challenge prevalent across the industry. Access to better data and analytics, as well as technology such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Virtual Reality (VR), can help advisers and asset managers improve efficiency, relationship management and trust. This means that firms can both continue to meet investor demand while maintaining their competitive edge.

Synechron’s sixth Accelerator program empowers wealth management firms with technology that streamlines and enhances their offerings, supporting the full wealth management client lifecycle from prospecting and acquisition, through to onboarding, relationship management, client engagement, support, and advice. The program consists of nine Accelerators that tackle pain points including automating highly-manual prospecting and onboarding tasks, delivering enhanced relationship management support, addressing the risk and costs associated with mis-selling and pricing, and keeping up with client demands for more sophisticated and personal products supported by truly digital experiences. The Accelerators also provide solutions that enable real-time, dynamic pricing insights, smart statements and a VR-powered wealth journey.

“Implementing digital strategies is a high priority across our global clients, but we have seen a significant interest in applying technology to enable digital workflows across the wealth management industry. The rise of robo-advisers and a long bull-market means it is now critical for wealth managers to demonstrate complete transparency, while leveraging technology to enhance their offerings and deliver greater client value,” said Faisal Husain, Synechron Co-founder and CEO. “It is for this reason that we invested in our Research and Development teams to find solutions that meet these demands. Our latest suite of Accelerators aims to inspire today’s and tomorrow’s wealth managers and to bring them into the digital age.”

As digital innovation continues to change the way financial services firms do business, Synechron is dedicated to remaining one step ahead to meet these demands. The Accelerators will be available across Synechron’s FinLabs, including New York, Charlotte, Fort Lauderdale, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Serbia, Dubai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Singapore. Firms will have the opportunity to partner with Synechron to build a tailored solution for their business.

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