Leave the Gold, Prefer Colors Other Than Golden Now!

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Gold never gets out of trend, but its color has definitely gone out of trend now. People still prefer gold, but the yellow shiny color isn’t really the choice of many women now. Getting over it wasn’t in a day, but took decades for the Indians. What replaced it? Rose gold necklaces were the trend for a long time and then white gold necklaces took place in the market as well. Now, gold isn’t a thing at parties and weddings, but rose gold and white golds are. To keep you updated on the latest trends in rose gold and white gold necklaces, here is the list.

Rose gold designs:

  • Layered heart rose gold necklace:

This rose gold necklace set is available at cheap rates. These are layered with 18 karats of gold. They are gold plated necklaces and these are good to wear on regular outfits. These necklaces look good on the faces of little girls as well as their grown adult counterparts.

  • Bridal necklace in rose gold:

Bridal necklaces come with various varieties. Some of them are rose gold necklaces with crystal designs that look good on proms and Bridesmaids. Usually plated with 14 karats of gold they are available in a variety of prices.

  • Rose gold choker necklace:

Choker necklaces made from rose gold comes with a variety of designs. They reflect a good amount of light making them look more glowy and shiny. These necklaces wrap around your neck and you will never want to take them off again. They can be worn alongside other silver blended choker pendants as they enhance the look of this jewellery set. Rose gold jewelry necklace is in very much trend, opting it would be a perfect choice.

White gold designs:

  • The Runa necklace:

This white gold necklace design is middleweight necklace set, designed to accommodate 26 diamonds in 15 grams of gold. Runa necklaces are often worn in weddings and are loved by women.

  • The winter plum asymmetrical necklace:

This white gold necklace set consists of 13 grams of white gold alongside 93 diamonds and many white pearls. This unsymmetric design looks great in modern style dressing and wedding outfits.

  • The lady grande necklace:

A unique design in itself, this white gold necklace set comprises of a stunning 129 diamonds with 11 grams of white gold. It looks incredibly beautiful over many outfits. It suits both formal and informal gatherings and is considered fashionable.

As you might have already got an idea, both the rose gold necklace sets and the white gold necklace sets are extremely beautiful and fit with every and outfit, you surely don’t want to miss these pretty designs. If you are impressed with these designs, you should simply look at online stores where you can avail these designs along with add-on designs. Some of these designs are even available on many renowned portals. You can do your necklace shopping online.

Shop them and rock the look with confidence, elegance, and beauty that these necklaces give you.

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