India’s First Antivirus Ceiling Fans Polycab Purocoat Are Launched

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In today’s context, there has been an emerging trend of general health and awareness among customers.

With an aim to supplement a Healthy Living, Polycab India Limited, one of the largest manufacturer of Wires and Cables in India and a fast-growing player in the FMEG space, launched Purocoat Antivirus Fans, India’s first anti-virus ceiling fan. These anti-virus fans are manufactured with Nanova Hygiene+TM Technology under its Purocoat Antivirus Range.

Polycab Purocoat Antivirus fans are available at MRP of Rs 3370 to Rs 3920 in variety of designs and colours for customers to choose as per their preference – The range includes Eleganz Floral, Eleganz D’Ziner, Eleganz, India Glory, Crystal, Regalia, Ambiance and Woodart. The nanova coating on these fans also increases the life span, making them durable and last longer compared to regular fans.

The Polycab’s Purocoat Antivirus Range of products have been tested in third-party labs and it has been found that “Purocoat Antivirus Fans”, through the Nanova Hygiene+TM Technology, are capable of neutralizing the contaminating microorganisms/germs like bacteria, virus etc. This range of fans is BTS certified, which is one of the most prominent quality testing certification for Antimicrobial Testing.

“In today’s context Health has become our primary concern and customers are looking for healthy solutions. We at Polycab understand the need about consumer’s consciousness striving to keep home clean and safe. There is always threat at the back of our minds about the germs lurking around us which could pose an imminent threat to our health and well-being,” said Manoj Verma, Executive President and Chief Operating Officer, Polycab India Ltd., while speaking about the launch of this unique range of fans.

“Polycab’s PuroCoat Antivirus Fans is a proposition from the company about the relentlessly efforts towards innovations in products and experience we can offer customers, to bring about a positive difference in their living. Every design reflects the evolving needs of the time and Polycab’s commitment to fulfill them,” said Manoj Verma.

“To cater to a diverse range of customers, the fan will be available at over 30,000 retail outlets across India and will also be available on e-commerce shopping portals,” Manoj Verma further added.

Some of the key features of the Polycab PuroCoat ceiling fans are:

Anti Virus – Viruses coming in contact with coated surface of these Polycab’s PuroCoat fans don’t stand a chance. The bioactive nanoparticles present in the Fan’s coating effectively deactivates >99 per cent* viruses.

Anti Germs – Special nano active molecules present in the fan’s coating restricts the growth of bacteria (>99 per cent*) that comes in contact with the coated surface of these fans.

Anti Dust – The advanced highly cross-linked nanocoating equipped with hydrophobic (water) and oleophobic (oil) repellent properties and which makes Purocoat fans are non-stick to dust and easy to clean

Anti-Rust – Due to its high cross-linking density and presence of nano-domain in the coating backbone gives excellent chemical resistant (anti-corrosion) properties and prevents the corrosion of the fan especially the blade edges.

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