Cooling Appliances Sales Soar High as Summers Set in Early this Year

With the rising temperatures expected to continue in the coming months, the demand for cooling appliances is expected to remain high.

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Do you also feel that spring has just been skipped this year? India recorded its warmest February with an average maximum temperature of more than 2 Degree celsius higher than normal; of course, we can sense it.  We have just entered the month of March and started feeling the need for fans, cold water and breezy clothes to cool ourselves down. With the rising temperatures expected to continue in the coming months, the demand for cooling appliances is expected to remain high. Manufacturers are ramping up their production to meet the demand, and retailers are offering attractive deals and discounts to lure customers. Check out these 5 cooling appliances that are set to witness a spike this summer!

Smart Fan by zunpulse

While we are preparing to combat summer laziness and sweat as summer approaches, we are set to experience heat waves together, however have become equally lazy and refuse to use our fans after a sweaty day in the sun. Keeping this in mind, a Wi-Fi enabled, Internet of Things (IoT)-based smart BLDC fan with Wi-Fi connectivity has been developed by zunpulse for easy, comfortable, and convenient operation. The zunpulse app allows you to control the smart fan. It is also accompanied by a smart remote control. So you don’t have to get up to change the speed or turn it on or off at a price of ₹6,999.

Refrigerator by Samsung

As summer sets in, everyone craves something cold, like ice cream, cold water, soft drinks and more. Considering the same, you can get your hands on Samsung’s convertible 5 in1 refrigerators. Powered by the revolutionary twin cooling plus technology, this refrigerator has 5 conversion modes to take care of all your refrigeration needs. Additionally, if the door is not shut properly or accidentally left open for over two minutes, the alarm will start ringing. The product is also purchased on an EMI basis at a price of ₹42,900.


Air Conditioner by Croma

After a long day at work, everyone just wishes to come back home and lie down peacefully as their experience the cool air hitting their skin and rejuvenating their senses. To make this experience even more comfortable for every individual, Croma has curated a 4 in 1 convertible split AC that captures dust with its dust filters in order to circulate pure air. Additionally, their R32- Refrigerant helps with zero ozone depletion and better cooling in high ambient temperatures. What makes all this more fascinating is the fact that we can experience this at just a price of ₹30,900

Air Cooler by Kenstar

Experience the cool environment inside your room when you buy Kenstar Personal Air Cooler along with wet honeycomb pads. A dust filter net used in these pads keeps insects out of the cooler, and blowers speed up, resulting in an increase in the air throw of high-pressure airflow from the cooling system. So, what are you waiting for? Book the Kenstar Personal Air Cooler at a price of  ₹22,490

Smart Air Purifier by Dyson

This product from Dyson presents the utmost comfort to its consumers all year round. With its fast and even room cooling, Pure Hot+Cool also purifies the air around it. Their vacuum-sealed HEPA filter captures pollutants, viruses and bacteria while adjusting the temperature of the room at a price of ₹59,900.


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