Preparation of India Against the 3rd Wave of COVID-19

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In anticipation of the third wave of the Covid pandemic, countries like India are in a position to be better prepared by learning from past experience and being in a state of resource readiness.

The Covid Resource Hub joins hands to help India being better prepared for the upcoming and dreaded 3rd wave.

The Covid Resource Hub is the largest collaborative App in the world, which consolidates all resource information in one place. Anyone can access real-time vaccination and other resource information through India’s largest end-to-end Covid Resource Hub ( The data is pulled from GOI’s CoWin App & various other reliable sources, all over India.

Anyone can search for available beds, ICUs, ventilators, oxygen cylinders, life-saving medicines like Remdesivir, etc. in any region and find valuable information within minutes that may help save a life. NGOs, volunteers, and other organizations can use this app to enter information in one place, verify it and work with providers, to organize and work effectively, in order to make a difference.

Durga Rao, Founder & CEO, Imagility LLC, is determined to help the citizens of India is prepared and he quoted, “During the second wave, Covid-19 triggering a national emergency in India, we made the decision to utilize the technology we had developed and repurpose it for the crisis at hand and any additional waves that come after. Our teams pulled together to support people through close cooperation and collaboration with developers, government sources, and public health providers. We built an online community app for providing accurate information of medical and hospital resources, fighting misinformation, supporting individuals across the nation with the only goal – To Save Lives.”

The app has been instrumental in helping the users fight the war with Covid effectively. Srikanth, one of the users, quoted, “Staying away from home, in a different city, I was able to get a hospital bed for my uncle in Hyderabad through and this got him the right care at the right time. This helped us greatly at our time of need. I choose this site for all Covid related information & recommend everyone to use it.”

Covid Resource Hub at is created by Imagility LLC ( ), a start-up company in the immigration space that has recently launched their product in the US market. This App was built by the team in a week, using their expertise, experience and technology, to help as much as possible to deal with the Covid situation.

The purpose of creating the app was to help people access resource information during dire need, to Make ONE effort, to Save and Give Life, for No one to be left behind.

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