Planning Freedom for FTTH Network Operators

R&M at ANGA COM DIGITAL 2021. Turnkey PoP stations in concrete construction and multifunctional enclosures for Fiber to the Home cabling.

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R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, based in Wetzikon, Switzerland, is providing broadband network operators with greater planning freedom. At the virtual ANGA COM DIGITAL 2021 show (June 8-10), the cabling specialist will be showing how FTTH suppliers can use and expand their distribution hub units in a more variable way. R&M will be receiving trade show visitors in a virtual showroom. The German R&M subsidiary will also be presenting its solutions at the ANGA COM DIGITAL virtual congress.
In digital form, R&M will be demonstrating the design possibilities of a new PoP (Point of Presence) fiber distribution station in concrete construction. R&M offers the PoP station as a turnkey solution. For network operators, R&M handles the entire construction of such FTTH distribution hub units. The service portfolio ranges from individual planning to the assembly-ready delivery of the distribution station. On site, all that has to be done is pull the cables from the ground into the cabinet and connect them. R&M has already successfully installed a number of turnkey PoP stations in Germany and thus contributed to an accelerated expansion of FTTH networks.
The Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) with PRIME modules serves as an example of the planning freedom made possible by R&M. The latest PRIME model enables single-fiber management. This makes it possible for FTTH suppliers to initially equip their main distributors to suit local requirements and then to extend them later as required - following the pay as you grow principle. This approach makes it possible to plan with manageable investment costs. Network operators can react quickly to local FTTH demand and technical progress, and scale broadband networks to suit requirements.
PRIME is a high density distribution platform which can be assembled, adapted and extended like separate blocks. At maximum capacity, PRIME modules can connect up to 5,376 optical fibers in one ODF. And that is setting new standards on the FTTH market. Above-ground street cabinets and cramped basements, main distributor frames, central offices and PoP locations are some of the most important locations for the PRIME ODF racks.
For the construction of MINI PoP stations - small central offices - R&M is presenting a family of multifunctional enclosures at ANGA COM DIGITAL. The distributors can be planned and configured individually for every project. This allows the area expansion of FTTH networks to be organized more flexibly and adapted to local conditions. This is making the enclosures increasingly popular on the German FTTH market.
R&M has expanded its portfolio of service area interfaces (SAIs) and is showcasing its product range at ANGA COM DIGITAL. The outdoor boxes of the Polaris family help network operators to connect and manage the growing number of fiber optic cables in the smallest of spaces. The boxes accommodate everything that is needed at or in customer premises: drop or subscriber cables, patch cords, fiber or loose tube storage, modules for trays as well as splice, splitter and patch connections. Multi-part slotted seals facilitate the insertion of fiber optic cables. They no longer have to be threaded through the seals - as is the case with conventional boxes.
The modular principle of the Polaris box makes it possible to gradually adapt fiber optic supply to market requirements. For typical FTTH requirements, R&M offers boxes with connection options for four to 72 subscribers (Polaris box 4 to 36). The boxes are ready assembled and available from stock at short notice. This is another way R&M helps network operators to plan FTTH projects flexibly and implement them quickly.
With the Polaris box, FTTH providers can create every typical topology in the area of access networks. It can be used in all kinds of premises, from a family home to extensive residential complexes. Within buildings, the boxes are suitable for entry points, risers and floor distributors.
Cables for Fiber in the Home (FiTH) and fiber optic outlets are a must when it comes to customer connectivity. R&M is presenting a complete package at ANGA COM DIGITAL: the FastReel AP fiber outlet. This is a pre-terminated and factory-tested subscriber outlet with LC adapters and a fully assembled four-core FO cable on a drum. The cable is available in lengths of 20 to 100 meters. The FastReel package eliminates the need for installers to splice fibers at the outlet.
In addition, R&M will be presenting its wide-ranging program of CCC solutions at the virtual trade show. The FO cable splitters also meet the growing demand for flexibility in the expansion of FO networks. The R&M outdoor enclosures are suitable for use in the entire FTTx environment.
R&M will be presenting its portfolio of gel splice closures for underground network expansion. The resealable fiber optic splice closures are suitable for exhaustive broadband cabling as well as for a wide variety of applications in telecommunications networks.
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