Parenting Website '' Helped me throughout Infancy, Shares a New Mother

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Parenting Website '' Helped me throughout Infancy, Shares a New Mother

Parenting website has become as a major source of trusted information on pregnancy and parenting advice. Managed by a team of well-qualified Pediatric physicians offers many relevant and contemporary articles and research-based case studies on pregnancy to parenting. The website is also offering all the basic care products which will make it a one-stop solution for all needs in Pediatrics age-group. Dr. Dad covers the whole spectrum of parenthood - from planning your pregnancy through to parenting older kids.


Dr. Gaurav Nigam, Founder of Dr. Dad

Today, particularly at the time of the pandemic, people are taking virtual routes to find solutions to their myriad problems. However, there is hardly any dedicated platform which offers support and consultation on pregnancy and parenting. Dr. Dad allows its users to receive care via online consultation from any mobile device, tablet, smartphone or home computer. Some of the best pediatricians in the world are associated with Dr. Dad, and the motive is to provide greater access to people who are in need of child-health related services.

"This website helped me throughout the infancy," says a new mother based out of Delhi.

A team of well-qualified Pediatric physicians, dedicated solely to telehealth services, can now assess a child's condition, provide treatment options, and prescribe medication if necessary, via a WhatsApp/Online consultation. Dr. Dad has onboarded some of the best pediatricians in the world, and actively building a community of Pediatrics, Child Psychologists, Child nutritionists, Counsellors, etc. aims towards making parenting easier by curating the best articles for children and pregnant mothers and enlisting them on their website and updating it regularly. There's also a provision to buy from the website.

The collection of articles is being updated on a daily basis and are written by professionals including pediatricians, doctors, counsellors etc.

According to Dr. Gaurav Nigam, Founder of Dr. Dad, "We want to make the site a one stop solution for topics related to pregnancy and parenting advice. Dr. Dad is a brand by the pediatricians, a panel that people can trust for information on pregnancy, parenting, and child-health related topics. Dr. Dad prides itself on being accessible and convenient for parents, and would-be parents as well."

Dr. Dad's Founder Dr. Gaurav Nigam is a well-known educationist, pediatrician, Founder of iCare, and Founder of Intelligentsia. He has also authored a book titled 'Devil Inside My Mind'. Dr. Nigam gathered simplicity from Gandhian institute in Sewagram and knowledge from prestigious bodies like AIMS, MGIMS, Wardha; Jayadeva, NIMHANS, Kidwai and Harvard Medical School. He is also the Founder of iCare - an organization working in the area of new-age Child Health care; and Intelligentsia, a research-based playschool.


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