Learnflix Launches Direct-to-Student Version of Popular Learning Apps

Growing penetration of internet and smartphones and the pandemic induced disruption in schools is resulting in accelerated demand for online.

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With the unprecedented success of its home learning app – Learnflix, S. Chand and Co., India’s oldest and largest textbook and education content company has announced the entry of Learnflix in the direct-to-consumer segment, offering their application to students and parents directly.

Growing penetration of internet and smartphones and the pandemic induced disruption in schools is resulting in accelerated demand for online learning in Tier 2, 3 and 4 cities and towns. Learnflix aims to deepen reach among students in these towns where it is difficult for parents and students to afford digital education due to technical glitches and high costs of apps. S.Chand intends to fill this digital divide that has been deepened by the Covid-19 crisis.

The growth of Learnflix App across geographies in India has been due to the simplicity of access, quality content and an affordable subscription price. Learnflix has decided to offer their app at the same price to students directly, as that was offered to schools, i.e. INR 2000 per student for the full year, which is almost ten times more affordable than other available learning apps in the market.  Coupled with cost-effective course books that come with the S. Chand pedigree, students can also have a free trial version of the application to evaluate and make up their mind.

Learnflix is currently being used in 250+ towns and cities in India and Middle East. It offers Math and Science classes for 6 to 10 graders, based on the CBSE syllabus, while also being of use to students of other state boards. With features like anytime-anywhere learning (including engaging animated videos, quizzes, revision notes and summaries), sample papers, unlimited practice tests with varied difficulty levels, and personalised learning ranging from remedial to advanced lessons, with easy access to all its resources after subscription.

Speaking on the expansion of its digital arm, Himanshu Gupta, Managing Director, S. Chand and Co. said “Learnflix had scheduled a direct-to-student version of the app in 2021 but seeing that schools may not open soon, we have fast-forwarded its launch. Not only are we encouraged by the tremendous response to the Learnflix app, but the pandemic has also revealed a massive opportunity to address parents and students in Tier 2, 3 and 4 cities of India where the need for an effective and affordable home learning app is the greatest. We are looking to an enthusiastic rate of adoption among students across India and expect to  double Learnflix app downloads to two lakhs over next one year.”