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Origami Launches New 100% Recycled Range ‘Good Karma’

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Good Karma helps you further your commitment to the environment by providing a range of environmentally friendly products. Origami has always been known as a trend-setter in the tissue industry and has yet moved a step ahead by launching Indias first 100% recycled and unbleached range of tissues. Origami has now taken it to the next level by developing the Fibre Revive Process by which it ensures a product as hygienic as virgin tissue and a user experience to match.

Origami Good Karma range of Tissues, for all you needs

Neelam & Manoj Pachisia, Founders of Origami said, “We engineered a product with our Fibre Revive process that gives our consumers eco-conscious choices. We were already producing environmentally friendly products and continuous development efforts have pushed this up a notch to make an impact!

Apart from being 100% recycled and unbleached the Good Karma range of products are hygienic, soft and absorbent. The range consists of Toilet rolls, Kitchen Towels, Napkins and Face tissues. The brand evokes an eco-conscious lifestyle and motivates its target audience to care for the environment by recognizing the need for sustainable practices.

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Fibre Revive Technology enhances fibre properties to give you softness and absorbency at par with tissues made from virgin Agro-based resources, without the environmental impact

To mark the occasion of the much-awaited Christmas and New Year season, Good Karma introduced an interesting campaign called #WipeOff2020. Great on word play, this campaign encourages users to speak about the things that went wrong in 2020, so they can ‘wipe it off’ their slate, and start fresh next year!

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