Lamborghini Sold 400 Cars Since 2007

Lamborghini Sold 400 Cars Since 2007

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Lamborghini Sold 400 Cars Since 2007

Super-luxury automaker Lamborghini India said that it has achieved the milestone of delivering 400 Lamborghini across the country since its full business operation commenced in 2007.

Notably, the company reported a 86 per cent growth in India last year.

As per the automaker, the accelerated success in sales performance is a testament of "the passion shown by Lamborghini India's dealer network in Bengaluru, Delhi and Mumbai".

"We will continue to offer unique platforms so that our existing and prospective customers are able to experience the values that define the Lamborghini brand in India," said Asaid Sharad Agarwal, Head of Lamborghini India.

Lamborghini India has been in operation since 2007. At present, Lamborghini produces two super sports car models -- the V12-powered Aventador, launched in 2011, and the V10-powered HuracAin, launched in 2014 -- along with the Urus Super SUV powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine, launched in 2017.