Kiara Interiors Introduces Ultra-Luxury Designer-Builder Floors

Kiara Interiors introduces a breakthrough concept in the industry with bespoke ready to move in ultra-luxury designer-builder floors

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Kiara Interiors, a budding star in the interior designing industry has come up with a one-of-its-kind concept to curate ultra-premium luxury floors personalised as per your choices. Termed EL DORADO, this initiative has been recently launched with the purpose of serving clients with a space that they could call their own, by imbibing custom-made interior solutions and not just in terms of being the owner.

As the man behind the mission, Ashutosh Goel the founder of Kiara Interiors says, every homeowner wants their place to reflect the best of themselves and be out-of-the-box so that they stand out as something personal. To put it into simpler words, clients are always on the lookout for services that can help them build a space that does not look similar to someone else's place. Usually, builder homes are segregated floors that are designed as a copy of each other, like hotel rooms. This makes all these homes similar and that cuts down on the scope of curating something that catches your eye. By amalgamating all his creativity and ideas and putting them to work, Ashutosh Goel and his team intend to break the monotony for their prospective clients with something that takes them by wonder while still incorporating a feeling of home in an otherwise boring space.

As per the current scenario, Headquartered in Noida, Kiara Interiors stands as one of the best Interior Designers in Delhi-NCR, with 150+ projects in their portfolio. In the times to come, Kiara Interiors looks forward to expanding its ventures throughout the nation and creating as many designer homes as it can with its exemplary contribution to the field of interior design. As of now, the firm usually puts forward its services majorly in residential projects. But with their upcoming ventures, Kiara Interiors is likely to expand this aspect of their business as well.

On its way forward, Kiara Interiors have launched EL DORADO as a part of their major expansion plan. With customised service, innovatively designed ultra-luxurious builder floors and smooth customer experience EL DORADO is bound to become the new rage in the industry. The peculiarity of the project has to be the tailor-made interior solutions blended with high-end amenities. Under the scheme, one avails 5 BHK builder floors encompassing three spacious balconies and made-to-order furniture and other interior. Besides, the properties under the project promise two dedicated car parks with EV charging points. EL DORADO would have all the in-complex essential amenities such as hospitals, schools, movie theatres, and shopping malls in the proximity of two to three kilometers. This power-packed combo of luxury exuding materials and bespoke interior designs would be available for you to call your own for 2.8 Crores.

While EL DORADO is a project in the pipeline, Kiara Interiors have been acing its game in interior designing by curating personalized designs for their clients ever since the firm came into being. Established in 2017, Kiara Interiors intends to break the monotony of regular homes by facilitating their clients to infuse elements and designs that they resonate with. For any person, building a space that they can call their own is a huge moment in life. When you are investing your hard-earned money in a property, you would want it to be designed in a way that each nook and corner speaks volumes for itself. Bringing down the boredom and monotony of regular homes, Kiara Interiors aspires to bring about a revolution in the interior designing industry by incorporating designs that are different and unique for every individual client. From developing a subtle, minimalistic, and sophisticated design to creating artsy projects that are synonymous with boldness and invigoration, Kiara Interiors has something for everyone.

Kiara Interiors stands for "Your vision, our creation", which translates into their resolution of majorly looking forward to creating made-to-order designs that the clients have always envisioned and bringing their dreams to life. With this idea, the interior designing firm aspires to incorporate the fresh concept of developing unique DESIGNER HOUSES for their clients. Now that makes up for something intriguing to look forward to. Additionally, with the El Dorado venture, Kiara Interiors is advancing one more step towards becoming the pioneer of curating innovative designs in the aspect of developing designer houses and taking the industry by storm.

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