IKEA Adapts Furniture for Hybrid Workspaces

Inspired by the opportunity to create a desire to feel more at home when at work, IKEA has introduced its largest office collection to date, MITTZON. From adjustable desks to sound-proof screens

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With the dynamic shifts and new workspace trends taking creative shapes, IKEA has been reimagining the evolved needs of businesses and how furniture can contribute to better productivity and efficiency at work. The pandemic accelerated hybrid workspaces, and IKEA saw a big opportunity to create something that is unique to both businesses and remote workspaces. According to IKEA’s internal research, 76% of the working force is expected to adapt to a hybrid working model and 63% of office spaces are yet to adapt to suit the post-pandemic working models.

Inspired by the opportunity to create a desire to feel more at home when at work, IKEA has introduced its largest office collection to date, MITTZON. From adjustable desks to sound-proof screens, the new collection of 56 products comprises of first-to-market innovative solutions and unique styles tailored to address the challenges and aspirations of today's workforce. With a keen focus on optimising the office experience, MITTZON integrates functionality and aesthetics with holistic ergonomic design principles that prioritise wellbeing at work.

  • Acoustics: MITTZON prioritises acoustics in its development to enhance focus and well-being in the workplace. The collection includes high-level acoustic screens that absorb and block sound, prevent visual distractions, and provide privacy for focused work. MITTZON showcases innovation using wood fibre filling in its acoustic screens made of more than 90% wood, providing effective sound absorption while being recyclable.
  • Biophilic Design: MITTZON incorporates biophilic design elements, such as nature-inspired shapes, colours, and materials. These features promote wellness by reducing stress and increasing productivity, drawing from Scandinavian outdoor elements like sand patterns and wood finishes to create a relaxing and inspiring environment.
  • Durability: The collection is designed to be durable and long-lasting, with modular, repairable, and refurbished components. It also features high-quality materials like fade-resistant wood veneer and high-strength steel, backed by a 10-year warrantee, aligning with IKEA's commitment to sustainability and circular product design. 

Sumit Parthi, Country B2B Manager, IKEA India, said, “Our new office system, MITTZON, is developed with flexibility at its core to adapt to distinct working preferences and activities. It is an efficient and affordable product range for the workplaces of today and tomorrow. The result is a new office system that inspires collaboration, comfort, and productivity. B2B in India is growing exponentially, and our solutions, backed by thorough research of global and Indian trends, expand the scope to grow our market share. Currently, IKEA B2B contributes to 15–20% of overall IKEA sales in India, and with this new collection, we aim to increase our presence and sales in the coming years."

At IKEA, we have been supporting business customers in their furnishing and interior design needs for over 40 years, and more recently through IKEA for Business, a one-stop source for IKEA furniture, accessories, and professional design services. MITTZON, which means "midfield" in Swedish, symbolises a central meeting point where functionality, comfort, and sustainability come together. The collection is now available online, on the app, and in IKEA stores near you.

IKEA Hybrid Workspaces