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India to Japan Travel Guidelines: What Documents You Need

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Travel from India to Japan is currently restricted due to COVID-19. Passengers are not allowed to enter if they have been in India in the last 14 days. This does not just apply to Indian passport holders, but to anyone who has spent time in the country in the 2 previous weeks.

Indians who need to travel for essential purposes may be granted an exemption. To travel during COVID-19, Indians exempt from the ban need to complete the Japan visa application form and some additional documents. 

Read on to find out what is currently required to travel from India to Japan.

Travel Ban Exemptions

Before looking at the document requirements, it is important to understand who may travel. There are currently few exemptions to the entry ban for anyone who has been in India in the last 14 days.

Indians who have exceptional individual circumstances may be allowed to travel. For example, there are some exemptions for Indians whose visit is beneficial to Japan. This includes athletes and people involved with the Olympics and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

In all cases, travelers should contact the Japanese embassy or consulate to confirm whether the trip is permitted. Once granted permission to enter Japan, several documents must be prepared.

Visa for Japan

Japanese visas are only being issued to Indians who are exempt from the entry ban. Visa exemptions have been suspended for most nationalities, the majority of passport holders now need to apply for a Japanese visa.

A number of documents are required to get a Japanese visa, including the following:

Application Form

Firstly, Indians need to complete the visa application form. They need to provide personal information such as name, date of birth, gender, and marital status.

Indians must indicate the type of passport they are traveling on (diplomatic, ordinary, official), the passport number and issue and expiry dates. 

The reason for visiting Japan must be stated along with the date of arrival and intended length of stay. Other information to complete the form includes the accommodation address in Japan, and the guarantor and/or inviter’s details. Finally, there are a few questions relating to health and security. 

Financial documents

To visit Japan, Indians need to be able to prove their expenses will be covered. Travelers financing their own trip can provide recent bank statements. Travelers with a guarantor should submit a form containing their details. 

Invitation letter

Indians should submit a letter from the inviting party, whether that be a family member or business. This may be the same person/company as the guarantor. Additional documents may be requested for family visits, such as birth or marriage certificates.


Indians need to let the Japanese authorities know about their travel plans whilst in the country. This is done by completing an itinerary form with dates and details of the proposed activities. 

Special COVID-19 Documents

Additional documents are required to travel from India to Japan during the coronavirus pandemic. Japanese authorities will request paperwork to justify the essential reason for travel.

Documents to enter for Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics

Athletes and other people involved in the Olympics and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020 need one of the following documents:

  • Olympic Identity and Accreditation Card (OIAC)
  • Paralympic Identity and Accreditation Card (PIAC)
  • Prior Consent Form from the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan of Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology or Japan
  • Written Pledge

Quarantine questionnaire

All travelers need to fill out the Japan quarantine questionnaire online. On completion of the form, a reference number and a QR code are generated, these must be presented to officials when traveling to Japan.

Indians need to fill out basic personal data, including their name and nationality. Contact details including an email address and mobile phone number are also requested.

  • Dates of arrival and departure
  • Flight/ship number
  • Accommodation address in Japan
  • Recent time spent in high-risk areas

Finally, applicants make a health declaration certifying that they are not currently experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

COVID-19 test certificate

Passengers who are eligible to travel to Japan during the ban must have a recognized pre-departure test. A medical certificate showing a negative test result is essential to be granted entry, except for in a few exceptional cases. 

The document should be in English and include all the relevant testing information.

The following types of COVID-19 tests are accepted by Japan: LAMP, NEAR, Next Generation Sequence, quantitative antigen (CLEIA), RT-PCR, Smart Amp, TMA, or TRC. The certificate must specify that it is based on a nasopharyngeal swab, saliva, or nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swab.

The COVID-19 test needs to be taken no more than 72 hours before leaving the first departure point. Indian children under the age of 6 are exempt. 

Entry restrictions and document requirements are subject to change at short notice. Travelers must check the latest official information before making any arrangements. 

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