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Dr. Manjiri Bakre of OncoStem Diagnostics Recognised in Precision Medicine Asia

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Dr. Manjiri Bakre, CEO and Founder of Bengaluru-based oncology-focused company OncoStem Diagnostics, has been recognised as one among the top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine Asia, an elite compendium of thought leaders in precision medicine across Asia. An initiative by BIS Research and InsightMonk, Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine Asia recognizes the exemplary work of an eminent list of thought leaders working toward advancing the impact of precision medicine in Asia.

Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine Asia

The top 25 voices community provides a platform to deep technology innovators and thought leaders to network and collaborate with like-minded professionals. Through the community, they can access trustable experts and find credible insights to build the foundation for their deep technology innovation.

OncoStem Diagnostics, founded in 2011 by Dr. Manjiri Bakre, develops innovative multi-marker prognostic tests to enable personalized treatment of cancer patients. OncoStem’s ‘CanAssist Breast’ is an AI based prognostic test for early-stage hormone receptor positive breast cancer patients. It makes customized treatment possible by analysing the patient’s tumor in depth and providing a patient specific report. CanAssist Breast categorizes patients based on the risk of cancer recurrence clearly as either ‘low or high’ with no grey area in between. This clear distinction of patients based on risk of cancer recurrence allows doctors to devise treatment plans that are in tune with the prognosis, maintaining a balance between the benefits and side effects. Patients who are at low risk of relapse can potentially avoid chemotherapy and its associated side-effects while patients who are at high risk of relapse would benefit from the addition of chemotherapy to their treatment regimen.

Commenting on the recognition, Dr. Manjiri Bakre said, “It’s an honour to be chosen as a part of this eminent list of thought leaders in the field of precision medicine. At OncoStem, we have always believed that treatment of cancer must move away from a one-size- fits-all approach. A personalized and precise treatment approach is known to be key to better care leading to improved outcomes. This recognition further strengthens our commitment towards building products that can help clinicians make customized treatment plans that are in-tune with the patient’s prognosis.”

Dr. Manjiri Bakre, received Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Prior to starting OncoStem, Dr. Manjiri worked in various academic institutes and in industry in India, US, Singapore in various aspects of cellular biology ranging from perception of taste to human diseases like cancer and stem cells. The work in industry especially was focused on use of precision medicine in diagnostics.

OncoStem Diagnostics ( develops innovative multi-marker prognostic tests to enable personalized treatment of cancer patients. OncoStem was founded by Dr. Manjiri Bakre in 2011.

OncoStems CanAssist Breast is an innovative, cost-effective test that can help clinicians to plan tailor-made treatment for each breast cancer patient based on tumor biology. The risk of cancer recurrence is dependent on tumor type, stage, and on the biology of each patients tumor.

CanAssist Breast determines the proteomic fingerprint of the tumor. This information is then used by OncoStems proprietary machine learning-based algorithm that stratifies patients as low or high risk for cancer recurrence. Patients classified as high-risk would have a greater probability of cancer recurring than those classified as low-risk. This guides clinicians in planning treatment and help patients in understanding the prognosis of their disease.


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