Hardik Pandya Joins $550K Funding for Aretto's Kids Footwear Tech

Aretto revolutionizes the children's footwear market by providing technologically advanced shoes that change to fit the shape and size of children's feet as they develop.

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Aretto, Kids Footwear Tech

Aretto’s leap toward innovation has just become stronger as the company announces the successful completion of its seed funding round. The company secured $550K from a clutch of angel investors and advisors, which included renowned cricketer Hardik Pandya; Abhineet Singh(Co-founder of VegNonVeg and Founder Brewhouse), Shyam Raichura (MD of Aan Group), Raunak Munot (Ex-CMO of Bombay Shaving Company), investment banking firm Veromint Advisors, Vinayak Shrivastav (Co-founder Videoverse), and Kunal Sumaya (MD Julius Bear).

Aretto is a game-changer in the kids' footwear industry, offering technologically designed shoes that adapt to the shape and size of kids' feet as they grow. The company will strategically channel and utilize the funds to expand its market presence, drive team expansion, and increase research and development efforts to introduce newer product ranges.

Elated at the successful seed funding, Satyait Mittal, CEO Aretto commented, “We are immensely grateful for the support and trust shown by our investors at this crucial stage of Aretto's journey. Each investor is a mentor in their own capacity and a well-wisher of the brand, sharing our larger vision and belief in the team's determination and grit. This seed funding is not only a testament to our investors' confidence in our innovative kids' technology, but it also reiterates our commitment to revolutionizing the industry."

Raunak Munot, ex-CMO of Bombay Shaving Company commented, ‘It's rare to come across a company that has a truly innovative product, in a big addressable market, that has the potential to redefine a category, globally. The fact that Aretto's products are designed and made in India instills a sense of pride in me. Clubbing that with the team's passion and execution agility further amplifies my trust in the brand's vision. As someone who has recently embraced fatherhood, I believe Aretto's approach seamlessly matches the demands of modern parenting.’

Aretto is implementing a robust growth strategy to expand its market presence. The company plans to open its first retail store in Pune, offering an immersive shopping experience for families. In addition to Pune, the brand has ambitious plans to establish stores and partner with multi-brand outlets in key metropolitan cities, catering to a wider customer base in India.

With this funding, Aretto is enthusiastic about welcoming new talents into its passionate and dynamic team. The company seeks individuals who are driven, creative, and share the vision of nurturing kids' growth.

Aretto remains ever-committed to innovation and will continuously expand its product range with a focus on R&D-driven designs. The company will introduce a diverse array of styles, catering to various preferences and needs of young ones. Each new collection will be meticulously crafted with an ergonomic fit, ensuring maximum comfort and support for growing feet. Listening to its customers' valuable feedback, Aretto will tailor its products to be even more customer-centric, delighting parents with the quality and functionality of Aretto shoes, cementing its position as the go-to brand for parents seeking the best for their children.

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