GT Force Expands Electric Two-Wheeler Lineup

GT Force is gearing up to launch a new set of high and low-speed EV two-wheelers soon, featuring models like GT Vegas, GT Ryd Plus, GT Drive Pro, GT One Plus Pro, and GT Texa.

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GT Force, a pioneer in electric two-wheeler manufacturing, reasserts its presence in the Indian market with a strategic rebranding initiative. Emphasizing a commitment to sustainability, innovation, and accessibility, GT Force is poised for nationwide expansion, with a particular focus on capturing the burgeoning market in PAN India.

With a track record of success, the brand has collectively sold 4 scooter models up until now, totaling 20K units, including the popular (GT Soul, GT One, GT Soul Vegas, GT Drive Pro, GT Prime Plus, and GT Flying). Looking ahead, GT Force is gearing up to launch a new set of high and low-speed EV two-wheelers soon, featuring models like GT Vegas, GT Ryd Plus, GT Drive Pro, GT One Plus Pro, and GT Texa.

 Mr. Rajesh Saitya, Founder and Managing Director of GT Force, articulates the company’s renewed mission, stating, “Our goal has always been to revolutionize the way people move, and with this rebranding initiative, we are doubling down on our commitment to providing eco-friendly and innovative transportation options to the Indian consumer.”

Mr. Mukesh Taneja, Co-Founder and Managing Director of GT Force, highlights the brand’s unwavering commitment to the electric two-wheeler segment, which comprises a substantial 80% of India’s road transport fleet. He elaborates, “While we temporarily redirected our resources to refine our approach, we were never absent from the market. Our strategic decision allowed us to better target this segment, ensuring that we can serve our customers more effectively with our new EV products. With our renewed focus, we are confident in our ability to meet the evolving needs of consumers, which is why we have chosen East India as our first target. By prioritizing this region, we aim to address the growing demand for electric mobility solutions and lead the charge in India’s electric mobility revolution.”

Founded in 2019 under the umbrella of HOUSTAN INNOVATIONS, GT Force has consistently strived to deliver affordable and convenient mobility solutions from its headquarters in Manesar, Haryana. With over five decades of experience in crafting auto electrical components and accessories, GT Force’s esteemed team brings a wealth of expertise to the electric vehicle (EV) market. Central to GT Force’s strategy is its innovative aggregator model, which allows the company to offer a diverse range of electric two-wheelers tailored to the preferences of Indian consumers. The company’s EVs boast exceptional performance and features, including enduring battery life, highly insulated motors, anti-theft alarms, and regenerative braking.

Mr. Saitya further elaborates on GT Force’s vision, stating, “Our vision is not only to provide electric mobility solutions but also to simplify the lives of commuters while addressing pressing environmental concerns. We believe that sustainability and innovation are the cornerstones of a brighter future for transportation.”

Notably, GT Force’s state-of-the-art EV plant in Manesar stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and sustainable manufacturing practices. With a daily capacity of 250 units, the plant specializes in lithium batteries, ensuring reliability and innovation at every stage of production. As GT Force embarks on this new chapter, the company remains committed to setting new standards in the electric two-wheeler sector, ensuring that every journey makes a positive contribution to the planet.

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