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Samaara Tea from Jivraj Family Enters the Domestic Market

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With over three decades of serving a wide variety of tea, Samaara Tea from the Jivraj family enters the Indian market. Jivraj Tea Company is one of the leading Indian Tea companies known for unique aroma and customary tea blend since pre-Independence. Exported to over 25 countries so far worldwide such as USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Bahrain, Qatar, UAE etc. with a sales of over 7 crores in a span of three years, Samaara tea is ready to enter the country where tea is enjoyed religiously. The brand has increased production by 30% to reach India audiences. Currently, the have production capacity is 3 Lac kgs and the brand aims to increase  it to 5 Lac kgs  in next 6 months

Initially started in Gujarat Samaara Tea has a global footprint and offers a variety of teas such as black tea, green tea, tea bags, etc. The quality and taste of the Samaara range is unparalleled. The premium quality tea stems from 100% pure Assam blend with the goodness of nature infused. Keeping the evolving consumer needs in mind, Samaara Tea keeps introducing new products and flavours.

With a turnover of over 7 crores, Samaara Tea is entering a varied market like India and introducing its strong tea via online channels i.e. through our website,, Paytm, Flipkart, Seniority contrary to other players in the sector. The entire range of offerings will be available online on various platforms. The online market is the perfect solution to generate wider avenues for an everyday utility product such as tea. 

Mr Dheer Shah, CEO, Samaara Tea, quotes, “We are excited to enter our homeground via online channels. We are one of the first tea brands in India to have only an online presence. Although we are present in over 25 countries, we are entering a diverse market of India and are extremely excited to see how things unfold. We cater to both the tea and coffee drinking generations with our strong purest tea. Our premium tea range includes pre mixes, tea leaves, green tea, tea bags, etc. Our goal is to provide a beautiful symphony of flavours and textures to the tea lovers globally. Samaara tea has the perfect fusion of age-old traditions that are infused with contemporary taste and strong colour. The packaging also helps in retaining the aroma of tea. We hope that our range which is available on our website & Amazon will make shopping for tea accessible, simply through a touch of a button. “

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