Energy Expert Joins Nirman Ventures in Advisory Role

Mr Subramanian Sarma, who has enjoyed a stellar 40-year career across India and the Middle East, is presently Director and Senior Executive Vice President at L&T.

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Nirman Ventures appoints one of the globe’s leading energy specialists to its Board of Advisors.

A global venture capital firm investing in early and clean technology innovations in the construction space, has today appointed one of the globe’s leading energy specialists to its Board of Advisors.

Mr Subramanian Sarma, who has enjoyed a stellar 40-year career across India and the Middle East, is presently Director and Senior Executive Vice President at L&T, responsible for its hydrocarbon, power, green manufacturing and development portfolio.

“As a highly accomplished executive with a strong footprint in the APAC & Gulf region, Mr Sarma adds an unparalleled advantage to our fund in those regions,” said Nikhil Choudhary, General Partner, Nirman Ventures.

“Mr Sarma’s decades of expertise in the oil and gas value chain is an added benefit as we look out for cutting-edge technology that can advance in the construction eco-system. We are delighted to welcome him to our advisory board.”

During his career span, including 30 years in the Middle East, Mr Sarma has handled the complete oil and gas value chain from executive management to process engineering. Before joining L&T, he served as Managing Director of Petrofac (Onshore Engineering & Construction), responsible for all of the company’s global onshore projects.

He is the recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award 2021  from IIT Bombay for his contribution as a Business Leader in the Corporate World. He also received the CHEMTECH CEW, Business Leader of the Year 2017.

Commenting on his new role, Mr Sarma said: “The passion that the Nirman Ventures team carries to move the construction industry forward, paired with it being one of the first specialist-driven funds in construction, I saw a good match to support their endeavors.

“The team at Nirman Ventures have a very crisp focus in the sub-sectors that need rapid transition, such as site safety, workforce advancement, and sustainable build solutions.”

He added: “The transition to green energy and alternative energy sources is inevitable. I think every organization must do it because global warming is real and not just a myth. The whole world is driving towards it, including investments. Now, at what pace it happens will depend upon affordability.

“As Nirman Ventures moves to identify cutting-edge solutions that will drive innovation in green energy and sustainable building practices, I am happy to support them as part of their advisory board.”

About Nirman Ventures:

Nirman Ventures is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm with global offices on a mission to support early-stage startups disrupting the $14 trillion construction industry. Its focus areas are construction-tech, clean tech, and blockchain tech, shaping real estate. As a geography-agnostic fund, Nirman Ventures has partners based on five continents and over 20 countries, giving it access to cutting-edge technology globally.

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