NMIMS Chandigarh’s Yashmit Chawla Leads ‘Delight in Diversity’ Festival Held in Bulgaria

Yashmit Chawla's journey to spearhead the festival began with his participation in a digital storytelling competition during his second year at NMIMS Chandigarh Campus.

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Yashmit Chawla, an enterprising third-year BBA student specializing in Finance at NMIMS Chandigarh Campus, has received commendation for his pivotal role in organizing the captivating “Delight in Diversity” Festival held in Bulgaria. This prestigious event marked the culmination of a transformative three-week Student Boot Camp funded by the Erasmus+ program under the HARMONY project.

During the enchanting Summer Theatre in Dobrich, Bulgaria, the “Delight in Diversity” Festival brought to the forefront the collaborative efforts of students from eminent universities across India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. Yashmit Chawla, along with his fellow organizers, embarked on a mission to create an immersive and enlightening cultural experience that celebrated intercultural understanding and fostered global connections.

Yashmit Chawla’s journey to spearhead the festival began with his participation in a digital storytelling competition during his second year at NMIMS Chandigarh Campus. The competition, a part of the Harmony Project funded by Erasmus, saw Yashmit emerge as one of the 21 winners across three countries – India, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. The subsequent journey led him to a transformative three-week Boot Camp at the Varna University of Management, Bulgaria.

The selection process for the Boot Camp was rigorous, involving a two-round assessment. Yashmit and his peers were tasked with creating a storyboard and producing a short film that challenged long-standing beliefs and explored intercultural awareness. Out of a pool of participants from across the university, Yashmit’s originality, technical expertise, and the emotional impact of his storytelling secured his spot among the 15 selected participants.

During the Boot Camp, Yashmit experienced an eye-opening immersion into diverse cultures, gaining firsthand insights that transcended textbook knowledge. The camp’s well-structured curriculum covered three modules – event management, intercultural competence and communication, and leadership. Collaborative assignments and diverse team interactions facilitated cross-cultural exchange, enriching Yashmit’s understanding of global dynamics.

As the event director for “Delight in Diversity,” Yashmit navigated the dynamics of 21 students from diverse backgrounds, crafting a program that showcased traditional dances, music, and arts and crafts from India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. The event’s resounding success left a lasting impact on the audience, inspiring deeper connections and cultural appreciation.

Participating in ‘Delight in Diversity’ has broadened Yashmit’s global perspective and deepened his understanding of cultural exchanges. 

Thanking NMIMS Chandigarh for playing a significant role in shaping him, he said, “The curriculum at NMIMS Chandigarh has been incredibly enriching and comprehensive. Many of the concepts discussed during my experience at the boot camp were already familiar to me. NMIMS does not solely focus on academic excellence but also places great emphasis on 

holistic development. This unique approach has not only enabled me to seize opportunities like this but has also shaped me into a more well-rounded individual. I am deeply grateful for the chance they have provided me. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to the faculty for their guidance in filmmaking. I am eager to continue learning under their mentorship. Looking back, I can confidently say that I am a far better person today than I was two years ago, and I attribute this growth to NMIMS. The values of attention to detail and strong work ethics that I have imbibed here have been instrumental in shaping my journey.”

Dr Jaskiran Kaur, Campus Director, NMIMS Chandigarh, further highlighted the university’s role in Yashmit’s journey: “At NMIMS Chandigarh, we instill values of leadership, empathy, and innovation, empowering our students to thrive in real-world scenarios. Yashmit’s success in ‘Delight in Diversity’ is a shining example of how our institution shapes well-rounded individuals who contribute positively to society.”

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