NMIMS Chandigarh Entrepreneur Series: Forging Future Success Pathways

The "Entrepreneur Conclave" provided a fantastic platform for educating and empowering students by providing them with real-world experience, motivation, and a thorough understanding of the complexities of entrepreneurship.

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SVKM’s NMIMS Chandigarh organised the “Entrepreneur Conclave,” the first in its Entrepreneurs Series at its campus. This conclave aimed to provide students with invaluable insights into the dynamic and ever-evolving world of entrepreneurship through innovation. Mr. Simarpreet Singh, a remarkable Forbes Under 30 Asia honoree and a trailblazing entrepreneur, and Mr. Vivek Atray, an ex-IAS officer, TEDx speaker, and ardent proponent of positive change, were the speakers at the conclave.

The “Entrepreneur Conclave” offered a great platform to empower and equip students with practical knowledge, inspiration, and a deep understanding of the nuances of entrepreneurship. The event commenced with a warm and inviting welcome by Dr. Jaskiran Kaur, who introduced the esteemed speakers.

Both guest speakers have made incomparable contributions to the world of business and innovation and had the audience’s attention with their captivating accounts. 

Mr. Simranpreet Singh shared his inspiration drawn from the vision of Late President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who envisioned a happy, sustainable, and inclusive India where every household has access to clean drinking water. This vision deeply influenced Singh’s life and motivated him to make a profound impact on the world. Drawing from personal experiences, he emphasized three crucial elements for achieving success as innovators and entrepreneurs. He said, “The first is the power of focus and self-belief that our time has come. It is one’s life experiences that lead to innovation. The next important aspect is the power of purpose – entrepreneurship is all about identifying a problem. When you solve that problem and commercialize it, a business is built. The last is the power of positivity. Look at the achievements of people like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos – everyone decried them for their ideas in the initial days. Look at where they are now. Innovation can happen only if you are positive. So, I would urge you all to be protons.”

“Mr. Vivek Atray, shared his unique perspective on leadership, innovation, and the art of transformation. He emphasized, “Success is rooted in simplicity and avoiding overthinking. Just as overeating is detrimental to health, overthinking hinders growth. A calm mind is a fertile ground for creativity and success. By watching fewer distractions and focusing on personal growth, we become better versions of ourselves. Positive change originates from within, and a calm, cheerful mind is the bedrock of impactful work that can bring about changes. Aspiring entrepreneurs should embrace their innovative spirit, challenge conventions, and evolve through failures. Remember, your calmness is your best ally, which will guide you to make informed decisions and achieve meaningful success.”

After an interactive session with the experts, the event culminated with a ceremony to award prizes and certificates for Corporate Interface and IIC events, followed by a heartfelt vote of thanks.

Dr. Jaskiran Kaur, in reflecting on the event’s success, remarked, “The ‘Entrepreneur Conclave’ embodies NMIMS Chandigarh’s steadfast commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among budding entrepreneurs and prepare to be forward-thinking leaders. This event is another step towards our holistic approach to education. Such conclaves will go a long way in helping them to understand and steer through the complex business world. Through such initiative, we are shaping the leaders of tomorrow.”

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