How Holistic Approach to Education is Driving Community Development?

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The holistic education concept in the philosophy of educating the whole person, beyond core academics is gaining steam in learning circles as educational institutes struggle to improve student outcomes. Mainly Holistic Approach is a comprehensive approach to teaching where teachers seek to address the emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs of students in an integrated learning format and is referred to as the mental, physical, intellectual, emotional and social development in an individual which further helps individual in facing the challenges of everyday life.Many organizations are realizing that an individual student need more than just a strong foundation in a core curriculum and also need to be supported by a community to develop a compassionate understanding of the world around them.The educational curriculum must be carefully aligned with an individual uniqueness as every person has his/her own set of traits, abilities,strengths and weaknesses. 


The relevance of holistic education


Holistic education  is beneficial, as by practicing it students can perform not only well at the academic levels but also face life challenges bravely. Students learn the right approach to deal with the obstacles, develop social awareness and a sense of confidence in the children, and allow them to build strong critical thinking skills and make them outstanding problem solvers.


A holistic approach helps students to learn about a subject. Also instills curiosity and allows children to learn naturally and creatively. It also depends on each child’s individuality  and learning style and pace , in reference to the current educational system. Curriculum, teaching and learning, and assessment procedures are constructively connected with the targeted learning goals and reflect the accomplishment of higher order mastery and knowledge rather than the traditional education.


Even in the professionally  and culturally diverse world, holistic development leads to a better understanding of the workplaces and their cultures, thus multiplying productivity and performance. Culturally it is a diverse environment that houses students of all nationalities, genders, religions and cultures, integrating holistic development is a must.


A holistically developed student addresses the characteristics of his/her community and is able to adjust better and faster. Students who are holistically developed address the characteristics of his/her community and are able to adjust better and more faster than others. 


A particular student exposed to holistic development During college or university life tends to develop more skills and thus evolves as a highly competitive individual.

Each  young mind observes the community in a better manner and has the abilities to feel comfort in a variety of situations.It  leads to better creative thinking abilities- welcoming new ways of solving problems, enhancing visualization and coming up with innovative ideas.

Also enhances interpersonal abilities, strengthening self-belief ,elf understanding and expands the horizons of individuals and teaches them how to encounter unusual circumstances.


Universities prioritizing the need of holistic education and development for students

In recent times, many colleges have recognized, prioritized and addressed holistic education.  A young mind observes the community in a better manner and has the abilities to feel comfort in a variety of situations.The “wellness wheel” which consists of five to eight dimensions depending on the version (, physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual health),  has become extremely important for colleges to assess and tailor support and education for student well-being. 


Summing up!

Research shows that while in college, students become more caring, more tolerant, more connected with others sight accumulation of credits and of direct instruction of facts. Interdisciplinary minors take students into areas that today they cannot foresee. Students use their free electives with effectiveness and precision to take a cohesive set of four courses that explore an unrelated area of their intellectual interest. Interdisciplinary studies is indeed the future!

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