Educating Students to Make Them Employable and Result-Oriented

By evaluating progress and completing curriculum requirements, skill development can assist students in obtaining suitable placements.

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Skill orientation is very much required to groom students for their careers. The present world is
focusing on the results that matter a lot. To have placements in top-notch companies and groom
students for the corporate world- NIU is highly focused on result-oriented learning with skill and
personality development. It is important in this growing and evolving world to have critical
thinking, good communication, problem-solving, digital literacy, adaptability, and teamwork.

Skill development can help students at securing good placements by analyzing progress and
meeting curriculum demands. By nurturing soft skills, it equips students to secure favorable
placements and effectively enter their desired professional domains. In an increasingly
competitive job market, honing these skills through targeted training not only ensures success in
interviews but also empowers students to excel in their chosen careers.

According to Mr. Neeraj Sahani, Director of Training & Placement-

Noida International University works on the development of youth in possible ways that include
industrial visits, seminars, expert interactions, and many more to train students. University
believes in skilling students in a result-oriented way to have more employability. The importance
of fostering a result-oriented mindset among students is coupled with skill development. This
approach enhances their academic journey and equips them with the necessary tools to excel in
the competitive job market, ensuring a successful transition from education to the professional
world. Discover a new you at NIU.

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