Dr. Leena S’ News Express Post Marks her Foray into Indian Media Industry

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Successful woman entrepreneur Dr. Leena S., who is the Founder of the nationally recognized salon chain, The Nail Artistry, has announced her foray into Indian media industry News Express Post, an online news platform that will offer unbiased and facts based news reports from across the nation. The unique platform aims at fighting rampant fake news and misinformation being peddled by most online websites and social media platforms.

Dr. Leena S.

Fake news travels much faster than authentic news simply because it is sensational. People use social media to share fake news and spread misinformation, conspiracy theories, rumours, doctored images and videos, which the recipient shares further and such fake news takes a life of its own and goes viral. Seeing that fake news brings in visitors to a website, even reputed websites and news channels put up these fake news on their sites with a small disclaimer that no one reads or cares about. People need to wake up and that’s why the News Express Post is here. Our mission is to fight fake news,” says Dr. Leena S.

Dr. Leena S.

To be able to deliver up to its stated mission, News Express Post, is hiring seasoned journalists and editors to cover news from different sources and geographies and deliver the same in an interesting format on its website and also on various social media platforms. News Express Post is available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube and will also be launching a channel in the coming months too.

We all have witnessed the rise and rise of Fake News in our country. A barrage of fake news and messages can be seen floating across all major social media platforms, particularly Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, TikTok and so on.

India is not an exception to the issue of fake news. The world at large is struggling with the deluge of misinformation about a variety of issues and the problem just seems to keep growing because of the dearth of responsible news organisations that talk only of facts and report news as genuine news and not sensationalise it for eyeballs.

All through the year 2020, India has struggled with two viruses; COVID-19 and fake news. Both are equally lethal. Fake news and misinformation have created numerous hurdles for governments at all levels; central, state and local, in their fight against the pandemic. Authorities have had to issue so many clarifications to keep people away from not falling prey to rumours and fake news, which is a huge menace to society and utterly irresponsible of people to spread it and it’s sad that they do it. As such, it becomes important for responsible news organisations like us to come forward and lead by example,” concluded Dr. Leena S.

About Dr. Leena S and News Express Post

Dr. Leena S is a successful woman entrepreneur who grew up in Dubai, studied dentistry from Bengaluru, dabbled in modelling and acting before establishing her nationally recognized salon chain, The Nail Artistry. She has now forayed into the media industry with her online news platform News Express Post, which aims at fighting rampant fake news and misinformation being peddled by most online websites and social media platforms.

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