Blame Game on Mumbai’s Grid Failure

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Residents across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane on Monday reported power cuts. From hospitals to railways, the power supply outage was across the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. This was due to multiple tripping of lines and transformers — Kalwa – Padghe and Kharghar —supplying power to Mumbai.

Tata Power is taking the support of three Hydro units and Trombay units once the MSETCL transmission lines are connected to supply to the city.

The first supplier to come out about this outage was BEST Electric. It stated the power loss for its customers was mainly because of incoming electric supply failure from Tata Power. This is the first assessment for the supplier. This is because in case of power failure of BEST Electric it depends on Tata Power. But now BEST Electric has admitted that it was due to grid failure in Kalwa.

Meanwhile, Adani Electricity stated, “Due to transmission network failure outside of our system at around 10.05 this morning, power grid saw outages across utilities in Mumbai. However Adani Electricity Mumbai (AEML), distribution system operated Islanding facility successfully and continued successfully power supply to vital installations with the help of Dahanu Thermal Power Station (DTPS).”

An Adani Electricity spokesperson said, “We wish we had more power for which we are dependent on grid input. The power supplies to remaining consumers of AEML (Adani Electricity Mumbai Limited) are being restored in a phased manner as the input power is being restored by Grid operations of Maharashtra.”

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