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Azafran Launches India’s 1st Ecocert Certified Organic A2 Ghee

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Azafran Innovacion’s Organic A2 Ghee is made from fresh cow’s milk produced by grass-fed Gir cows, a breed of beautiful cows that are indigenous to India. Azafran’s Organic A2 Ghee is the only ECOCERT certified organic A2 ghee in India. Rich in Omega 3 and vitamin E & D, it is easy to digest and boots immunity.

The cows follow their natural feeding behaviour by grazing in pastures full of grasses while basking in the sun. They rest in the afternoon under tree shades. The milk is removed by hand, boiled and inoculated with curd to make the whole curd. It is then churned to get butter which is melted to get pure cow’s ghee.

Azafran A2 Ghee
Made from 100% clarified butter (made from non-homogenized whole Gir cow’s milk). Azafran’s Grass fed Gir cows organic A2 ghee is the only ECOCERT certified organic A2 ghee in India

Azafran is created with a passion for innovating products made with certified organic ingredients and backed by powerful science. Motivated by the success of its range of organic cooking oils, Azafran recently launched Grass-Fed Gir Cow’s Organic A2 Ghee. Over the years, Azafran has set up a completely integrated ‘Farm to Face’, ‘Farm to Plate’ and ‘Farm to Home’ model, perhaps the only one of its kind in the Indian organic market offering solutions that will make people’s everyday life better in meaningful ways.

  • Why A2 Ghee, Its Benefits &Application: –Azafran A2 ghee is made from A2 Cow Milk which has amino acids which make its proteins easier to digest. Organic ghee strengthens bones, aids healthy weight loss, cures insomnia, increases memory, balances the mind and enhances brain function. Promotes overall health, longevity and wellbeing. Swap it for oil or butter in your recipes, toss steamed vegetables with ghee & sea salt, or add a bit of ghee into the morning coffee brew for extra nutrients and energy. Smoking point of organic ghee is higher than most other oils making it suitable for deep-frying, sautéing, frying and roasting. Organic ghee is most comforting to all the food it graces.

  • USP &  Certifications: ONLY ECOCERT certified organic A2 Ghee Brand in India.

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