TelioEV listed Over 10000 EV Charging Stations on its Discovery App

EV Charging Management Solutions provider TelioEV has a maximum presence in Maharashtra, Delhi, and Karnataka

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TelioEV, India’s leading EV Charging Management Solutions provider, has announced listing over 10,000 EV charging stations on its Discovery App within twelve months since its inception. These charging stations are strategically located across 27 states, covering major cities, towns, and highways.

The top three states with the highest number of charging stations where TelioEV has partnered are Maharashtra with 2500 stations, followed by Delhi with around 1850 stations, and Karnataka with 1600 EV charging stations. The other main states are Himachal Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, MP, and Kerala. TelioEV also has a presence in major metros, tier I and Tier II cities such as Karnal, Bangalore, Indore, Manali, Shimla, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Thiruvananthapuram, and Ernakulam. TelioEV has recently started covering a few key highways, like Indore to Pune, Bangalore to Kerala, and New Delhi to Chandigarh. This significant milestone reflects TelioEV’s commitment to accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles in India and ensuring a seamless charging experience for customers.

TelioEV has listed ten thousand plus chargers that are discoverable through the TelioEV discovery app, which offers CMS and has partnered as a software provider with 50+ Charge point operators in India. Through these collaborations, TelioEV delivers cutting-edge software solutions, enabling customers to easily locate and utilise EV charging stations. TelioEV caters to various stakeholders in the EV ecosystem, like charge point operators, OEMs, EV users, electric vehicle merchants, and fleet owners.

A SaaS-based EV Charging Solution provider start-up TelioEV’s app delivers numerous services with easy navigation of the charging stations. The app informs EV users about the availability or non-availability status of the charging stations. It also provides filter options for the type of charger, the number of charging ports available, the type of port, distance, and price. Also, TelioEV is working to reduce its carbon footprint.

Speaking about this, Dr. Lalit Singh, Chief Executive Officer, TelioEV, said, ‘It’s a great pride that in such a short span of time, we have listed a good number of charging stations on our Discovery app. We will continue to list more charging stations, expanding our reach and providing reliable charging infrastructure for EV users across India.’

TelioEV’s mission is to make global transportation structured and promote the use of electric vehicles for both personal and commercial purposes with the help of technology as a lever, and its vision is to elevate eco-friendly mobility alternatives with 1 million EV Chargers by the year 2027.

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