Mitsubishi L200 From Arctic With Updated Off-Road Capabilities

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The Age of Discovery ended in the 17th century. But there are still many places on earth that offer the emotions of a discoverer. The aim of the Arctic Trucks team is to improve the means of exploring new destinations.

The Russian pick-up market is not too rich in models, and the package for enjoying full off-road confidence – Arctic Trucks AT35 exists only in some of them. The current generation of the Mitsubishi L200 is now also available in Russia with the Arctic Trucks AT35 retrofit package. In its creation, we used a modern approach to design, went through scrupulous selection of equipment, prototyping of components, approval of the final design, design and manufacture of technological accessories. The result of this work is our proud Mitsubishi L200 AT35, which has improved its off-road capabilities and now makes more frequent and efficient use of Mitsubishi Super Select 4WD-II’s signature all-wheel drive system for the most varied and demanding tasks on the road.

An important feature of the Arctic Trucks package has always been the retention of the ideas that the manufacturer has incorporated into the vehicle’s exterior. The optional extras on the exterior of the Mitsubishi L200 AT35 take into account the geometric proportions of the body and follow the main curves of the vehicle’s front end. Thanks to such an approach, Mitsubishi L200 AT35 has kept its imposing appearance, not hiding its adventurous nature.

By upgrading the suspension and increasing the side tyre profile height, we have alleviated the shortcomings inherent in the pickup body, while a large selection of certified attachments allows customers to be more flexible and practical in equipping their Mitsubishi L200 AT35.

Sales of the Mitsubishi L200 AT35 will be available throughout Russia. The vehicles can be ordered for production remotely via any convenient means of communication.

Vehicle modifications must be executed in accordance with the requirements of the regulations in force in the EEC.

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