Beyond Garage Launches BG Genuine Spares and BG – PRIME

The prime model of BG Genuine spares is aimed at cutting customer costs by eliminating middle men from the spare part procuring process while BG PRIME helps workshops to standardize their processes and systems and to achieve better visibility in today’s digital era.

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Beyond Garage, one of the trusted names in the car and bike repair and the service industry, has announced the launch of BG-Prime, a subsidiary that aims to provide all-around, multi-brand car and bike solutions.This venture has been undertaken by the company to facilitate customer service and make their vehicle repair and maintenance as smooth and economic as possible. Beyond Garage strives to provide affordable, accessible, and practical services to its customers. The company is making unrelenting efforts towards enhancing the quality of end-to-end customer service every day.

The launch of BG Genuine spares was a result of extensive research and observation of the market conducted by the company that revealed that the presence of middle men in the buying and selling process of spare parts of different automobiles was posing as a problem for the customers who had to pay inflated prices. This is why BG resolved to make spare parts directly available to the customers to facilitate the purchasing process as well as take off the burden of excessive prices from the customers and thus, BG Genuine Spares was launched by the company as an attempt at fixing this problem.

The company’s decision to follow up with BG Prime was inspired by the long-standing complaint of customers about the lack of uniformity in terms of prices, processes, and selection of the parts in services across multi-brand workshops. The uneven quality and varying prices compelled the customers to switch their service providers frequently which led to customer disappointment. This dissatisfaction of the customers was recognized by BG which then formulated the idea of providing all services end-to-end for both two and four-wheelers under one umbrella. The company has received an impressive response from workshops that specialize in two and four-wheeler repairs and maintenance located in the prime operational locations of BG to be a part of BG-Prime.

While speaking on the new venture, The CEO of Beyond Garage,Mr. Mahmud Kotebagil, was quoted saying that- ” Beyond Garage has the vision to provide harmonized user experience across all the workshops regardless of the location. To realize this vision, we have been taking quick and deliberate steps. We have recently launched BG Genuine Spares to tackle the problem of lack of affordable, quality spare parts which garnered a lot of appreciation and acceptance from our customers and now BG Prime has followed. It is a non-investment model where workshops get access to resources, and customers get uninterrupted, quality services across brands. We hope these ventures solve the issues faced by the consumers regarding the high costs and unbalanced provision of services in different workshops. We look forward to continuing to provide solutions to standing consumer problems in the future too.”

Beyond Garage is a prominent name in the bike and car repair and service industry, recognized for its quality services and spare parts. The company seeks to become the one-stop solution for all vehicle repair and maintenance needs of consumers. It also strives to achieve complete transparency and efficiency in its operations and keep customer satisfaction and service at a pedestal. The brand holds a vision to consistently and noticeably evolve the repair and maintenance industry of vehicles by continuously solving customer problems.

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