RBI Monitory Policy Meeting Live: Repo Rate Remain Unchanged

Here is a live News Feed on RBI Monitory Policy Meeting updates. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has maintained the 6.5 percent repo rate level.

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The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has maintained the 6.5 percent repo rate level. Additionally, Governor Shaktikanta Das stated that it has made the decision to keep its attention on the removal of the accommodating posture. Following the announcement of the Interim Budget on February 1, 2024, this choice remains unchanged for the sixth time in a row.

On February 6, 2024, the RBI MPC had its first meeting of the year. The six-member MPC, led by RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das, wrapped up its deliberations today, February 8, 2024. Governor Das announced the committee's conclusion at ten in the morning.

  • Feb 09, 2024 11:31 IST
    RBI MPC for Feb 2024 Is welcomed by Commercial and Residential Real Estate Sector

    Ajendra Singh, Vice-President (Sales & Marketing) Spectrum Metro comented,

    Once again, not making changes in the repo rate signifies that the Indian Economy is strong. Compared to the Global Economy, India’s economic situation is better. The steps taken by the RBI are beneficial for the commercial and residential real estate sector in every aspect. We hope that this entire year will prove to be suitable for investors.

  • Feb 09, 2024 11:20 IST
    Real Estate To Get a Boost from RBI's MPC update

    Vikas Bhasin, Chairman & Managing Director, Saya Group says:

    The RBI's decision to keep the repo rate steady provides optimism to the real estate sector. This move underscores both macro and microeconomic stability, fueling year-end housing sales and bolstering the sector's growth trajectory for 2024. It showcases the resilience of the country's economy, poised to spur growth, particularly in premium housing and commercial segments.

  • Feb 09, 2024 11:19 IST
    RBI's MPC update comes as a breather for Interest Intensive Sectors

    Mr. Pradeep Aggarwal, Founder & Chairman, Signature Global (India) Ltd stated, 
    As expected, the RBI kept rates on hold. The prolonged pause, for the sixth time, since February 2023, is aimed at keeping inflation in check without hurting the economic growth momentum. With the reduction in policy rates would have been the best scenario for interest-sensitive sectors like the real estate sector, policy continuity is the next best outcome for both borrowers and developers alike. The decision allows homebuyers to make informed choices, which is expected to result in enhanced demand across all housing segments in line with the country’s overall economic progress.

  • Feb 09, 2024 11:17 IST
    RBI Monetary Policy Impact on Retail Inflation

    Mr. Aamar Deo Singh, Sr. Vice President, Research, Angel One Ltd , commented on RBI's monetary Policy update of Feb 8th and he mentioned, “The benchmark interest rate remained unchanged at 6.5% in the RBI's most recent monetary policy announcement today. The RBI decided not to change the rates at this time because retail inflation for FY24 was 5.4%, above the targeted rate of 4%. A rate reduction in FY25 appears likely given the upcoming MPC meeting, which is set for April 3-5, 2024, and the anticipated cooling of the retail inflation to 4.5% in FY25.”

  • Feb 08, 2024 11:01 IST
    $622.5 Billion Foreign Exchange Reserve

    RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das stated at the live RBI MPC meeting of Feb 2024 that India's $622.5 billion foreign exchange reserve can cover all of its obligations. 

    Remittance recipients rank top will continue to be in India. With a $622.5 billion foreign exchange stockpile, India can easily pay all of its international obligations.

    Key fact sheets pertaining to loans to retail and MSME borrowers will need to be provided by lenders. 

  • Feb 08, 2024 10:55 IST
    Impact of Inflation

    For monetary policy to effectively negotiate the final stretch of deflation, caution is required.

    The Reserve Bank of India emphasizes that it is still committed to reaching the 4 percent inflation objective over time.

  • Feb 08, 2024 10:55 IST
    Global Influence on RBI MPC

    Growing global unrest affects the supply chain and drives up the cost of commodities, particularly crude oil.

    The RBI forecasts retail inflation to be 5.4 percent in the current fiscal year and 4.5 percent in 2024–2025.



  • Feb 08, 2024 10:53 IST
    RBI kept the Repo Rate Stable at 6.5 percent

    Today at noon, a post-policy press conference will take place, which will be live-streamed on the official X platform (previously Twitter) or the RBI's YouTube page. For the sixth time in a row, the RBI kept the repo rate at 6.5 percent during the most recent MPC. The rate was last adjusted in February 2023, when it was raised from 6.25 percent.