The top 3 betting options you should keep in mind to win betting

This article will help you point out 3 types of bets that will help you make a lot of money just from entertainment with online sports betting this time.

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This article will help you point out 3 types of bets that will help you make a lot of money just from entertainment with online sports betting this time.

Ball delivery odds

A kick-off bet, also known as a serve bet, is a type of bet that appears around the time before the match takes place. In short, when participating in this type of bet, you need to choose which team serves the ball first. If you choose correctly, you will win money. For this reason, many players think that the kick-off bet is a 50/50 bet, with the team serving the ball first being equal, but this is wrong thinking.

To make money from this type of bet, you must have knowledge and experience. And when you have all the above two factors, you will realize that the ratio of the team serving first is not 50/50 as you think, but on the contrary, it can be completely predicted from the beginning accurately.

Specifically, you can try it in current international friendly tournaments or matches with teams from European countries participating. In these matches, boldly choose the team that serves first as the away team. The odds of winning will be 8/10. Statistics have shown that for every 10 matches at the national team level that have a team from Europe participating, in 8 matches the away team gets to serve first.

Over/under odds for the first half

Besides the serve bet, the first half over/under bet is also an easy bet to win if you correctly and flexibly apply the two options below:

- Choose a bet of 1/4, the away team has a handicap of less than 9, the over/under opening is over 2.25 minutes, the 20th over/under must be 2 or more lower, then discard. Choose two codes. When one code explodes, choose the remaining code. It rarely happens that two codes lose at the same time. On the contrary, in most cases, two codes work together. Or 1 win, 1 loss. In general, although this method may only make a little money, it is still profitable.

- In addition, for severe weather matches with rain or snow, boldly choose Under. Experience shows that 8/10 matches with bad weather result in few goals in the first half.

Over/Under odds for first-half corner kicks

For corner kicks, when you play the whole match, the ability to correctly identify the situation is relatively difficult. But with the first-half bet, it is completely different. The way to win this type of bet is as simple as follows:

For matches where the strengths of the two teams are significantly different and, moreover, the favorite team is in good form, you can boldly go all-over with the first half corner kick bet. The winning rate is relatively high. In case there are no goals in the first half, you can continue to play over-the-corner kicks for the entire match. It is possible that the joy will be doubled.

With the three types of bets mentioned above and the betting method and betting experience, I hope you always win with your own choices.


In conclusion, understanding and leveraging specific betting options can significantly enhance your chances of success in soccer betting. The three highlighted betting strategies—ball delivery odds, over/under odds for the first half, and over/under odds for first-half corner kicks—provide valuable opportunities for profitable outcomes.

The ball delivery odds strategy challenges the common notion of a 50/50 chance and emphasizes the importance of knowledge and experience in predicting the outcome accurately. By analyzing trends in international friendly tournaments and matches involving European teams, bettors can capitalize on the higher probability of the away team serving first.

Similarly, the over/under odds for the first half offer profitable opportunities, especially when considering specific conditions such as weather influences. By strategically selecting bets based on handicaps and weather conditions, bettors can increase their chances of success and generate consistent profits.

Lastly, the over/under odds for first-half corner kicks present a straightforward approach to capitalizing on differences in team strengths and form. By identifying matches where the favorite team is dominant, bettors can confidently place bets on the over option, maximizing their winning potential.

By incorporating these strategies into your soccer betting approach and utilizing your knowledge and experience, you can enhance your overall success and enjoy sustained profitability in this dynamic and entertaining realm of sports betting.


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