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Official website of Pin Up India casino. Characteristics and main features of the Aviator game

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How to play Pin Up Aviator

The Pin Up India platform is popular among Indian players because it offers quality slots, lucrative bonuses, and a ton of online features. The range of games on the site is constantly updated, which allows gamblers to play profitable entertainment with good conditions. One of the popular ones today is Pin Up Aviator, which offers a variety of bets and simple gameplay. The task of each player is to place a bet on the plane and collect the winnings before it flies out of the field.

To win at Aviator, you need to predict the altitude coefficient at which it is optimal to take your winnings and prevent the plane from crashing. Depending on the height at which the winnings are withdrawn, their total size with the bet varies. The game allows two equal bets, thanks to which the user has a greater chance of winning and covering any loss.

For maximum gaming convenience, Pin Up India offers a special downloadable application. It is adapted to work with Android and iOS, allowing you to carry out the process at any time and in a convenient place. Aviator game statistics are saved when you start the game both from a computer and in the application.

Rules of the game Aviator in Pin Up India

First of all, the player must go to the official website of Pin Up India and decide on the appropriate game mode. Both a free and a paid version are available to the user. If you are planning a paid process, you should:

  • register;

  • log in to your account;

  • make a deposit;

  • choose the optimal bet in the game.

If you play through the application, you need to carry out the same steps. If the user already has a gaming profile in the casino system, then the application needs to use data from it. The game then offers an intuitive interface, two bets to choose from, and an automatic start of the process. Everyone chooses for themselves how much and how often to bet on the entertainment to get the maximum benefit from it.

Betting and Strategies for the Aviator Online Game at Pin Up India

Aviator is not an ordinary slot, so the player needs to know about its profitable strategies and features. The first thing that sets this game apart from others is the option of two simultaneous bets. The participant can use one of the profitable strategies to get the maximum payout. There is a limit on the size of the bet, which starts with x10 and ends with x100. This means that a gambler can bet up to x200 at a time and win by the winning odds.

The player is not obliged to make 2 bets constantly; he can play for one. As for effective strategies for Aviator in Pin Up India, these include:

  1. Martingale - means doubling the previous bet size when losing and returning to its previous value after winning.

  2. Low risk – winnings are taken at odds from x1.1 to x1.25.

  3. High risk – money is withdrawn at a minimum of x50.

It is important to remember that Aviator is a game of chance with a good percentage of returns, but even it has losses. When playing via PC or mobile, the statistics of bets and winnings are always saved, so the user can monitor these indicators. Knowing the probability of winnings and losses, the player adapts an effective strategy to himself and wins due to it.

Aviator has simple rules and convenient controls. To play a round, the participant just needs to place a bet and wait for the new round to be activated and the plane to take off. After this, the player independently chooses at what stage he will take the money and, with the withdrawal of his winnings, completes the round for himself. It is important to remember that the safest way to withdraw payments is at odds from x1.1 to x1.5.


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