"India's Gaming Industry Set to Soar to $7.5B by 2028"

India has become the most populated country in the world, and it's only natural that many gaming brands are targeting this market. Online Gaming

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The gaming industry, with its 568 million active gamers, is one of the leading sectors of the Indian technology sector. With each passing year, games are becoming more and more popular and sought after by a wide audience of users. Expert forecasts say that by 2028, the market size of the gaming industry in India will grow to $7.5 billion, indicating the rapid development of this sector. Opportunities and prospects abound in such a dynamic industry, which is why it is an important driver for the development of modern technology and cultural industries in the country.

India has become the most populated country in the world, and it's only natural that many gaming brands are targeting this market. Everyone from Blizzard or Magapari to mobile game makers wants to take their market share in the giant country. Previously, experts have already analyzed the gambling market in India and concluded that there is great potential for the development of gambling in this country.

The gaming industry in India is witnessing rapid growth 

The gaming industry in India has made incredible strides in recent years, and it continues to grow and evolve with each passing day. A user base of 568 million gamers makes India the largest gaming market in the world, and that number only continues to grow. The country is becoming the center of attention in the global gaming industry.

Mobile gaming is the main driver of the gaming industry in India, and approximately 20% of all mobile game downloads in the world come from the country. The popularization of mobile gaming in India has surpassed even major gaming markets like the US and Brazil. This shows the huge growth potential of this sector and user interest in gaming apps.

The report "India's Gaming Opportunities: solid foundations to drive future growth" highlights the significant investment in the country's gaming industry since 2017. Thanks to strong investor confidence in the future of the sector, the Indian gaming industry is poised for further dynamic growth and development.

The popularity of gaming is also affected by the fact that mobile devices are rapidly spreading among the people of India. Now everyone can install the MegaPariApp and access thousands of gambling games or sports betting. Other operators are also providing similar facilities.

According to the report, the growth of the gaming market in India demonstrates the huge potential of this industry in the country. There are now more than 560 million gamers in India already, out of which 144 million were donating in 2023. The total gamer base is projected to reach 916 million by 2028 and 240 million of them will be paying for games.

The Indian gaming ecosystem is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14% and reach a revenue of $6 billion by 2028. The share of non-RMG (real monetization games) will also increase to 21% of the total gaming market by 2028. The report also notes that battle royal games such as Krafton's BGMI and Garena's Free Fire Max have been instrumental in bringing mobile gaming to the public's attention. 

Meta and GWI research data indicate the growing popularity of real money and casual games in India, especially among players from non-major regions. It is noted that many gamers in the country find new titles through social media, with over 90% of them preferring to use Meta's platforms.

Interestingly, there are approximately 146 million gamers in India who participate in real-money games, while another 202 million users prefer casual titles that do not involve real money. More than 57% of RMG users and 51% of casual gamers choose to reside outside the big cities, indicating that the gaming industry in the country continues to grow and expand its audience across different regions. 

The number of Indian game development companies is on the rise

With the development of the global gaming market, India has started showing more and more interest in the game development industry. According to data, the number of Indian development companies has grown significantly over the past few years - while in 2015 there were only 25, in 2023 this figure has already exceeded 900. This growth can be attributed to both the increasing demand for game content and the growing opportunities for monetization and distribution of games through online platforms.

Investment in development in India is also increasing rapidly. For example, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has launched the Sony India Hero Project, which aims to support local game developers by providing them with a minimum funding of $100,000. Such initiatives help to encourage local talent and promote the gaming industry in the country.

In addition, Krafton India's game incubator fund also actively invests in Indian game studios, providing between $50,000 and $150,000 per investment. This allows young companies and startups to grow and realize their creative ideas in the field of games.

Indian game studios also collaborate with foreign companies in various areas such as game testing and prototyping, community management, marketing, and more. This allows them to gain experience and expertise from international partners, which helps in developing professionalism and quality of game products.