How to Hack the Aviator Algorithm on Parimatch in India

A brief description of the Parimatch Aviator rules. What are the tips and strategies for playing Aviator. Why mathematical strategies don't work in crash games. How the Aviator algorithm is protected.

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Strategies and Tactics in Parimatch Aviator Game for Beginners

Many newcomers do not understand how the Parimatch Aviator game ( works and what actions bring the most profit. Without a plan and understanding of the game, you can lose money and interest.

The solution is simple - master a few simple strategies and tactics that will help you feel confident. We'll tell you in this article how to get started, what to consider in Aviator and how to avoid common mistakes. 

How to Win the Aviator Game on Parimatch

Let's first of all understand the rules of the game Aviator. This game was released by the Ukrainian developer Spribe in 2019.

Aviator is similar to other games in the Crash genre. The main differences are:

  • Instead of a rocket, you see an airplane;

  • The plane flies off the screen, not explodes.

To play Aviator, you need to make a prediction. You predict how far the aircraft will fly before disappearing and in time you need to collect your bet. 

If the plane flies away before you get out of the game, you lose your bet. It sounds simple, and it is, but many players additionally use strategies to win more often.

The Main Components of the Aviator Game Strategy

A good strategy for Aviator is not one trick you've learnt, but rather a set of them. Here's what you'll need:

  • Bankroll Management. Experienced players know that to avoid problems you need to set yourself a budget and stick to it. This is the basis that allows you to survive losses and not lose all your money at once. This tactic will also come in handy in Aviator, as you will lose bets from time to time. The good news is that all decent online casinos, including Parimatch, allow you to set limits on losses and bets;

  • Bet on low multipliers. If you've tried the demo version of Parimatch Aviator, you know that you can win more by betting on low multipliers. An airplane is more likely to fly past a multiplier of 1.50x than 15x. Therefore, you won't get big wins on low multipliers, but some wins are better than none;

  • Try making two bets. One of the interesting features of Aviator is the ability to place two bets at the same time. This allows you to balance different bets and even strategies. For example, you can bet on a safe multiplier of 1.50 and at the same time on a risky multiplier of 5.00. This way you partially insure yourself if the plane doesn't fly far, and you can win more if the plane flies to a high multiplier;

  • Don't follow the crowd. Many people have admitted that they play Aviator because of the social component of the game. In the game's interface, you can chat with other players and see what multipliers they are betting on. Yes, it's fun and curious, but it shouldn't throw you off your strategy. There is often a herd instinct in casinos when players brag about their big wins, but you shouldn't pay attention to it;

  • RTP. Aviator has a fixed return to player (RTP) percentage of 97%. This means that for every Rs 100 bet, on average you will get Rs 97 back. The RTP refracts the odds slightly in the casino's favour, which allows it to keep going. If you understand how RTP works, you will be more relaxed about losses;

  • Choosing a good casino. If you are choosing where to play Aviator, pay attention to the legality of the site, online reviews and bonus programme. We advise you to study the operator Parimatch, which is used by millions of players around the world.

Be Wary of "Expert" Strategies for Winning at Aviator

If you google phrases like "Aviator betting tips", you will come across many strange and exotic betting systems. They have fancy names like the Labouchere system and the D'Alambert system, but don't waste your time on them. If these systems worked, all their users would be rich.

This is especially true of the Martingale system. According to this system, you should double your bet after every loss, hoping that the first time you win, your increased bet will cover all previous losses.

But since the Aviator game Parimatch uses a random number generator, there is no guarantee that this big win will ever happen. This means that you could spend your entire bankroll without winning anything worthwhile. There is no 100% strategy for winning at Aviator at all, so if you notice that you are losing money, stop and don't take any more risks.

Why You Don't Need a Hack for the Aviator Game

Some players are seriously thinking about hacking the algorithms of the Aviator game. But we want to remind you that the main thing in a casino is entertainment. Don't waste your time looking for tricks and gimmicks to win at Aviator. Just focus on the game and enjoy one of the most interesting online casino games of recent years.

Answers to Common Questions about the Aviator Game on Parimatch

What is Aviator? Aviator is an online casino game released by Ukrainian developer Spribe in 2019. In it, players try to guess the best moment to collect their winnings before the plane flies away.

What strategies can be used in Aviator? Some strategies include:

  • Bankroll management - set a budget and stick to it;

  • Betting on low multipliers - increases the chance of winning;

  • Place two bets at the same time - helps balance the risks.

Can the Aviator algorithm be unraveled? No, Parimatch Aviator predictions do not work and it is impossible to cheat the game. Aviator results are protected by cryptographic hashing and SSL encryption.


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