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GM-Box Smart Workplace Presented in MWC Barcelona

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Russian company “Getmobit” presented GM-Box, a fully original solution for smart office at Mobile World Congress. The device is a multi-purpose docking station that gives secure access to the whole infrastructure of virtual workplaces and IP telephony. Its purpose is not only to minimize companies’ expenses on the office front, but also to provide employees with a comfortable way of working remotely and securely. GM-Box is a new addition to the smart office concept, it meets all the necessary security requirements as well as special demands for arranging workplaces in corporations and government organizations. The devices are depersonalized thus providing maximum mobility for employees. Also GM-Box works with any type of smartphone, again being friendly to any potential user.

While presenting GM-Box smart workplace Russian developers revealed its several key features. First, the device is all-in-one format looking like a classic office phone with a handset, so no trouble adjusting here. Second, in order to get yourself a fully operational workplace you just need to connect GM-Box to a monitor, mouse and keyboard: you’ll have immediate access to your virtual desktop, Internet or your corporate network.

The importance of security was also talked about: for example, the device has cloud-based operating system and apps. There are no limitations for companies or institutions to use any Windows or Linux ecosystems. The device supports every Internet connection – Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G modem. Besides, it allows to connect safely to the IP telephony infrastructure in order to make audio and video calls both one-on-one and conference format.


Maria Rukavishnikova, the founder and CEO of Getmobit company said, “Our device only looks like a standard office phone, but what it really is a new generation high-tech device. GM-Box is replacing several devices at once: PC, all-in-one computer or thin client and phone. But what’s most important it gives companies endless opportunities in communications area. With our device your business gets the highest level of security for any data, including, for example, a possibility to ban making photos or making calls from specific rooms in the building. Or it can help with very different type of situation: imagine an employee moving to another city and not even terminating current session.”


Сompanies and institutions that will be using GM-Box can save up to 50% on setting up and maintaining IT infrastructure. Our clients will live in smart offices long before 2020 – and according to Gartner’s forecasts, this will be the year when the approach to arranging workplaces and managing employees will change fundamentally”.


You have a full range of choices to log in to GM-Box: doing it automatically with your cell phone, using the password, fingerprint or even a token. You can work with any GM-Box after logging in to your account and immediately accessing your personal virtual desktop that has all of your documents and settings you are used to. Meanwhile the device guarantees the highest level of security for your information – this makes it very useful for corporations and state institutions with strict security requirements. If the organization needs to arrange remote workplaces anywhere in the world while keeping transferring information safely – GM-Box is a solid and having-no-analogues solution. There are more than 15 fully functioning pilot samples at the moment that are being used in companies and state institutions in Russia.

GM-Box industrial production launch is scheduled for May, 2018. Delivering the device in Russia is planned for August 2018, EU countries coming on board in autumn of 2018.


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