X-Factors That Make an Eco-Friendly House the Perfect Choice for A Healthier Lifestyle

The way we consume energy from non-renewable energy sources has caused carbon dioxide to systematically change the course of climate behaviour, inching closer to erratic and unpredictable metrics. 

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The urgency to tackle the climate crisis as it grows by exponential magnitudes has been a steady discourse in recent years. The biggest takeaway from the studies around climate change has been the need to reduce global carbon emission levels to mitigate global warming. Carbon dioxide as a by-product is produced by industries and households alike. The way we consume energy from non-renewable energy sources has caused carbon dioxide to systematically change the course of climate behaviour, inching closer to erratic and unpredictable metrics. 

This has spurred a need to mobilize across masses, governments, and industries where greener alternatives to carbon-intensive products, lifestyle habits, and manufacturing processes have been implemented. An example of the same can be observed through the emergence of an eco friendly houses as an alternative to conventional homes. An eco friendly house, as the name implies is a home meant to be sustainable and low-carbon. Since buying a house is a standard requirement and investment made by everyone, it can be beneficial to turn towards self-sustaining, low-carbon homes due to the sheer volume of carbon conventional homes emit into the atmosphere. Therefore, let us go through the reasons why an eco-friendly house is an ideal choice to make for a healthier lifestyle. 

Rapid Urbanization

The landscape of most metropolitan cities has dynamically changed in the last 50 years. The areas that were filled with lush, dense trees and flora, have now been replaced with concrete towers and buildings. One of the biggest drawbacks of fast-paced industrialization and urbanization has been the erasure of biodiversity from most cityscapes. Due to this unregulated loss of greenery, these places have become susceptible to unpredictable weather, higher air temperature, frequent flooding, air pollution, reduced water security, and increased levels of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Therefore, efforts in the last decade have been made to reverse the adverse effects of urbanization such as by planting more trees, investing in public transport to reduce on-road traffic and subsequent pollution, and more. Within these sweeping changes and environmentally conscious choices, an eco-friendly house stands at the precipice of becoming the norm or necessity. Many housing solutions in recent years have focused on offering a holistic living space, one that helps the mind and body unwind from the bustle of the city. In that pursuit, an eco friendly home stands as a great candidate for better living choices because of the quality of living it offers. 

Features of an Eco Friendly House and Why You Need It?

The conversation around a new age eco friendly house can often drown out the actual features that it can offer within its structure. The foremost reason investing in an eco friendly house can be an important turning point towards a healthier lifestyle is because it reduces your impact on the environment. To understand better, let us take a look at the features to expect in an eco friendly house:

  1. Onsite Renewable Energy & Renewable Grid-Sourced Energy: The energy that an eco friendly house runs on, is through clean and carbon-free energy resources such as Solar photovoltaic and Wind Energy.
  2. Clean and Sustainable Water Consumption: An eco friendly house has significantly less water consumption intensity. The house is equipped with low flow fixtures and rainwater harvesting systems for non-drinking purposes. Also, the greywater from an eco friendly house is treated and reused for flushing and landscaping purposes.
  3. Responsible Waste Disposal: An eco friendly house will have complete waste segregation at the source, with 100% wet waste for composting and careful toxic waste management.
  4. Smart Tech Eco friendly Design: Efficient equipment and star rated appliances complete the insulated design of the homes, an eco friendly house relies on modern solutions which reduce energy consumption and keep the house cool. 

Mahindra Eden to Secure a Cleaner and Greener Future

Mahindra Eden offers housing solutions that speak to your instinct which vies for a green beginning. The homes focus on being better for the environment, and healthier for your lifestyle at a time where stress saturates most parts of our daily routine. Since it is important to remember to be conscious of the world we leave behind, one can choose to shift towards smarter homes with Mahindra Eden and their nature-positive living solutions.

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