Wanda Group to Develop Industrial Townships in India

Wanda Group to Develop Industrial Townships in India

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Mr Wang Jianlin, Chairman, Dalian Wanda Group, who is on a follow up visit after meeting the Indian PM Mr Narendra Modi in China earlier in May, said that he is impressed to see the present Government is encouraging FDI and is making efforts to get foreign companies to invest in India. Wanda Group is planning to develop the Industrial townships in India with build-in facilities such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, entertainment & recreational center.

Dalian Wanda Group, which today is a 100 billion empire, was founded in 1988 and operates in four major areas – commercial property, luxury hotels, culture & tourism, and department stores.

Mr Wang added that his company will work closely with the local State Government to attract Chinese investments in these Industrial townships and facilitate them in establishing their business in India. Wanda group would also help Indian companies to invest in China.

Mr Amitabh Kant, Secretary, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, who was also present, mentioned that sectors such as Media & Entertainment, Tourism and Culture should also be promoted bilaterally to create people to people awareness.

Mr Sumit Mazumder, President, CII mentioned that both the domestic and international investor community has been extremely positive towards India. The confidence of the Indian Business community is back at the right time when India is set to move up to next growth trajectory.

Mr Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII, in his opening remarks said that the centre – piece of recent India-China engagement has been their cooperation in the economic sphere and the widening footprint of Chinese businesses in India and Indian businesses in China reflects a deepening engagement going beyond trade to increasingly cover investments and services.

The interactive session was attended by more than 40 senior industry members from India from various sectors such as Infrastructure, Construction, Tourism, Hospitality, Media & Entertainment.

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