Unicorns by 100 Co-Founders Lab Set to Transform Indian Startup Culture

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Unicorns by 100 Co-Founders Lab Set to Transform Indian Startup Culture

100 Co-founders Lab is an initiative undertaken by Mr. Sanjay Yadav the co-founder of RAIN (Rajasthan Angel Investor Network), to bring an exceptional change in the India’s start-up tech revolution.

While explaining what the company is all about, Mr. Sanjay Yadav had this to say-“We focuses on executing different ingenious and unconventional proposition of startup ideas which are likely to expand in future and later categorized in different Unicorns as per their DNA or features.”

100 Co-founders Lab, is a team of wide variety of technology individuals and Start up Entrepreneurs, Co-founders and CEOs working altogether to bring an exceptional change and to strengthen the India’s start-up economy.

100 Co-founders Lab plans to create a pool of these ideas which possesses the DNA and are worthy of changing the Indian start up scenario. And then execute them through determined and passionate entrepreneurs who are appointed through 10-points framework. Their every idea have the 5 essential features to decide the DNA of Unicorns which includes- their every idea should be potential enough to start from garage with a negligible manpower, which uses IOT based technology or covers mobile network, has a wide coverage of market and many more.

This company works on the concept of  UNICORN (signifies a start-up which has the potential to exceed over $1 billion dollar) and devised four different unicorns viz. Co-founder Unicorn, Idea Unicorn, Re-start Unicorn, and Companion Unicorn on their distinctive features.

Its Co-founder Unicorns looks for efficient and dedicated personnel to be designated as CEO Co-founders who is willing to sacrifice their job and works on the ideas of start-up in a very competitive salary.

The company strategizes Idea Unicorns as those ideas which pass through 5 point idea framework and renders sufficient resources to execute those ideas.

While Re-start Unicorns are those innovative startup ideas which failed to execute as they were earlier anticipated. The company team up with them and provide them sufficient guidance, technical resources and monetary assistance to rejuvenate the same.

And Companion Unicorns are the ones who allies with 100 Co-founders Lab. Then the 100 Co-founders Lab helps Companion Unicorns with the framework of best practices for startups so as they can quickly execute their ideas.

The 100 Co-founders Lab aims to showcase the incredible talent, creativity and hard-working traits of Indian entrepreneurs through these extraordinary start-ups’ in worldwide. The vision of the company is to raise the expectations of common people and bring out the best of them.

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