TWB latest release enables Indian Manufacturers towards ‘Makes in India’

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TWB announced the availability of Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) Class V standards for the Indian Defense & Aerospace industry. Previously, TWB has the distinction of delivering the first IETM Class IV compliant technical publications (Tech Pubs) in India. This puts TWB in a significant position to add value to the Indian Defense & Aerospace and Civil Aviation markets as a pure-play expert supplier with world-leading Tech Pubs capability.

Availability of IETM Class V Tech Pubs for Indian and worldwide defense contractors provides significant leverage to the Indian defense industry since TWB is an indigenous supplier, and already has significant deliveries for land, sea and air weapons platforms.

While TWB’s IETM Class IV implementations allowed all data redundancy to be removed from earlier documentation and mapped all data into relational databases improving data integrity, data availability and maintenance of context, IETM Class V documentation will allow expert system level integration, availability and usage. Class V IETMs will allow real time data aggregation from a large number of user’s inputs including parts catalogs, training modules, interactive schematics, test equipment and diagnostics. This will also be made available through the IETM Class V system to users in also in real time. A weapons platform in land, air or sea can be maintained, serviced and trained up with real time information on its state of health, inventory, etc. with such a system.

Rakesh Shukla, Founder & CEO, TWB said, “TWB IETM Class V capability comes on the heels of TWB being the first indigenous supplier of S1000D-based IETM Class IV for the Indian defense forces. This first-of-its-kind turnkey solution was delivered successfully earlier by TWB and has been deployed. We continue to build on providing the leading edge of technical and delivery excellence as we have done over the last 8 yrs to world’s leading technology and defence customers.” He further said, “Most analysis and reports suggest the Indian tech pubs, technical & marketing communications market to be in excess of 1 billion US$’s in which TWB is the undisputed leader.”

Over the last 5 years, TWB has made significant and large scale deliveries to Indian and overseas defense contractors and civil aviation suppliers based on S1000D, ATA, ASD-STE100 and IETM standards. TWB’s Tech Pubs services include Maintenance Manuals such as: Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM), Troubleshooting Manual (SM), Aircraft Schematic Manual (ASM), Structural Repair Manual (SRM), Wiring Diagram Manual (WDM), Component Maintenance Manual (CMM), Flight Crew Operating Manual (FCOM), Cabin Crew Operating Manual (CCOM); Material Catalogs and Lists including Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC), Illustrated Parts List (IPL); Technical Illustrations (2D and 3D) such as: Isometric Drawings, Exploded Drawings, Line Drawings, Sectional Views, Schematic Representations and Diagrams, Interactive 3D Illustrations.

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