Top 5 Talent & Performance Development Companies in India

Due to well-structured management strategy, companies’ that on-board such practices create a high level of engagement and loyalty among the most talented and potent employees.

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Talent Development is not just a simple human resource term one will come across. Talent management plays an important role in the business strategy since it manages the main asset of the company- ‘it’s employees’. Companies mainly aim at providing tools and solutions for enhancing the skills and competencies of the employees at every level of the hierarchy. Due to well-structured management strategy, companies’ that on-board such practices create a high level of engagement and loyalty among the most talented and potent employees. This eventually helps in building trust between organizations and their employees, leading to heightened motivation and better business performance.

Furthermore, selecting the best consulting and talent development company to work with can be a daunting task, and we’re here to help. Here is the list of top 5 talent and performance development companies:


Winzard is a talent and performance development company that helps enhance the growth potential of your organization by bridging & balancing the seeking mindset, ownership, and accountability of employees. The Winzard Platform provides 5 remarkable solutions which enables the leadership and employees with actionable insights. Their interactive cloud-based SaaS product empowers leaders and employees. To make this very effective, they back it up with consulting and workshops facilitating transformation through best people management practices. To make the work easy, Winzard enables the leaders with an effective talent review module, a performance management system, meaningful insights and action planning. Leaders can also empower employees to seek mentoring, create work-plans and achieve goals swiftly and efficiently. Winzard also focuses on enhancing employee engagement, potential and wellbeing through its workforce experience modules.

Marching Sheep

Marching Sheep is a leading HR consulting firm in India, specializing in Diversity and inclusion strategies, bespoke learning interventions, employee experience and wellbeing and OD consulting. They are considered as thought leaders in progressive HR policies and practices, and are frequently invited on forums to share their views and insights. Their consultative and collaborative approach has helped them curate customized solutions for their clients not just in India but globally.


BirdDogHR facilitates talent management for hard working organizations by providing recruitment and applicant tracking, onboarding, performance, learning management and benefits management. This firm aims at tracking and improving employee performance over time, offers professional development and identifies top performers. It aims at keeping a track of the overall performance of the company by goal-setting and aligning employee goals with that of the respective company.


Founded in 2004 as HRM Direct, started as a pioneer in cloud-based talent management systems. Today driven by a vision of a world where organizations perform optimally with empowered managers and engaged employees, ClearCompany has been a fast-growing Talent Management Platform. The firm’s unique approach to put the company mission and vision into practice over 2000 clients’ talent processes provides a strategic understanding of hiring, onboarding and employee performance.


KRONOS is a firm that helps to meet both today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges by bringing industry-first, and intelligent technologies to managing your most valuable resource. It is an industry that offers powerful suites of tools and services to manage and engage your entire workforce from pre-hire to retirement. KRONOS is designed for small and medium-sized businesses, that helps the organizations increase their employee engagement for stronger business results to strengthen their customer satisfaction, increase revenue, improve patient care and deliver quality products.

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