Shalabh Kumar’s RHC to Play Key Role on Next US Presidential Elections: Steve Banon

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Former Chief Strategist of US President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and called him as one of the most important world leaders on the world’s stage who will become the face of India’s emergence as World’s top economies. “Prime Minister Modi’s second term victory has a lot of resemblance to the great US President Ronald Reagan’s reelection as the US president. PM Modi especially with the recent Indian elections results has escalated to the new order of world leaders and has made a significant impact on World politics,” says Bannon.

“Republican Hindu Coalition to Drive the Next US Elections”: Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s Former Chief Strategist of 2016 Campaign

Being the principal architect of successful 2016 US Election campaign for Donald Trump, Mr. Steve Bannon has acknowledged the contributions of the Indian community in the US and particularly Indian Hindus who supported Donald Trump. On a question related to his plan for the next upcoming elections for the US president, Mr. Bannon said, “In the 2016 campaign we ensured people’s support for Donald Trump when he was US presidential candidate. And RHC’s support was very significant. And when we looked at the whole 2016 campaign we can say that RHC’s endorsement and Indian Hindus support for Donald Trump have made a huge impact. The next year in the US elections we will have issues such as a strong China policy that is going to make a significant impact on President Trump’s reelection. However, going forward RHC will also be going to play a major role in reaching out to Indian-Americans and Indian Hindu Americans in particular in getting the desired election results in favour of President Donald Trump.”
“In the upcoming elections campaign, we will be working on the issue of Radical Cadre of China’s CCP which emerged as the biggest threat to the United States and India as well,” commented Bannon, “I expect that Mr. Modi after winning this year’s elections emerged as a great blessing for the new political world order. India being the largest democracy will come forward with the world’s greatest democracy that is the United States and Japan on issues which are influencing global socio-economic matters.”
Shalabh Kumar, founding Chairman of Republican Hindu Foundation (RHC) commented and congratulated on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s victory, “With such a huge mandate, PM Modi now has the capacity to implement reforms that will change the economic outlook in India to have GDP growth that will also create new jobs. Prime Minister Modi has made a significant start for improving manufacturing scenario through the flagship program of ‘Make in India’, but this program must explore possibilities of becoming a global manufacturing leader. The position is currently with China, and India can change this scenario through a closer partnership with the United States.”
Commenting on RHC’s game plan for the upcoming 2020 US Elections, Shalabh Kumar added, “At RHC we are committed to working around more and more engagement with Indians in the United States, and educate them on the policies that make sense for them.”
While talking about RHC’s role in the upcoming US elections, Steve Bannon mentioned, “India has become a major ally to the United States. Indo-pacific will remain a great focus for the next fifty years. A close partnership between India and the United States is needed and expected to change the face of history.

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