Servify Acquires German WebToGo to Expand Global Footprint

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Device after-sales management platform Servify has announced the acquisition of Germany-based WebToGo which provides digital customer experience solutions.

Dr. Peter Duesing, WebToGo
Dr. Peter Duesing, WebToGo

Servify works with leading smartphone brands like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus and Xiaomi undertaking their device protection business and device exchange programmes.

It said the acquisition will help expand its global footprint both in terms of technology and people. The acquisition brings two marquee solutions of WebToGo into Servify’s portfolio – myhandycheck and wenewa.

Myhandycheck is a mobile device diagnostics suite using cutting-edge technology while wenewa has the ability to identify, diagnose and triage connected devices remotely.

“The whole world is undergoing digital transformation with each business trying to adapt to this change. Our self-care diagnostics and remote monitoring tools are appreciated for their relevance and efficiency,” said WebToGo’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder Peter Duesing.

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