NYSA to Raise USD 25 Million from India, USD 50 Million From Asia

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NYSA, an advisory & management consultancy group with offices in India, USA, China, Brazil & Singapore, facilitates immigration to the United States under the United States Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) Investment-Immigration Program (EB-5) announces the launch of the Bristol Group EB-5 Projects in India with a total development value of $ 160+ million.

The firm plans to raise $20-25 million from Indian investors looking to secure Permanent Residency in the US (or Green Cards) for their families. By investing US$500,000/- into the Bristol Group projects the investor, along with his family (spouse and all unmarried children under 21) receive U.S. Green Cards. There are no education, language or experience qualifications.

The investment is structured to protect the capital investment and the projects provide detailed and complete documentation. The investment amount is only released to the project if the application is approved and is 100% refundable if the application is denied.

The Bristol Group is a leading private residential real estate company that specializes in developing, building, marketing, operating, managing, and selling urban and suburban multifamily communities. Started in 1999, the company has successfully delivered 31 projects with a combined sales value of over $1 billion.

Commenting on the launch of the project, Mr. Pankaj Joshi, MD, NYSA Capital said “The Bristol Projects are a culmination of 3 years of effort to build the ‘platinum standard’ in EB-5. The projects are promoted by a pedigree developer, are financially strong and are under construction. All compliances have been met to qualify under the EB-5 program and the projects offer a quick & transparent mechanism to Indian families looking for US Green cards. The projects are underwritten in compliance with United States Securities & Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) regulations and are the first EB-5 project that meet the S.E.C. guidelines”

NYSA’s first project, a hotel & marina development in south west Michigan was fully subscribed and raised US$ 18 million from 36 investors in 2013-14. The hotel was built and opened in May 2014 and 15 investors families have received their Green card approvals and the rest are expected to be approved during this year. NYSA’s second project, the $73 million ‘le Meridien’ Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio, is nearly fully subscribed and the hotel is under construction.

NYSA is the only dedicated EB-5 firm in India and has an expert center in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR with resident American staff.

“NYSAEB-5 is a highly sophisticated and institutionalized approach to EB-5 and offers unparalleled insights and transparency to the projects being offered by us. Our global presence, best in class financial and immigration team and personalized approach offers a distinctive edge to those looking to emigrate to the U.S.”

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