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Nium’s Tech Talent Networking Event Successfully Conducted

"On-demand money movement the new fintech Paradigm", says NIUM’s CTO Ramana Satyavarapu

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Chief Technology Officer of NIUM, the global platform for money movement, Ramana Satyavarapu addressed a packed gathering of tech talent in Bangalore . Talking about future trends in fintech , he said that the real competition in fintech is sourcing the right talent and empowering the industry to do better.

Further, he explained, “Regulations, licensing, significant capital, and lack of domain expertise is what makes becoming a fintech a tough road, even though the benefits are proven- such as instant money transfer with transparency, cost optimization, and global penetrations in emerging markets.”

An engaged audience responded by asking several questions, such as what would be the focus of future innovation in fintech.

Nium’s VP of Technical Services, Song Chin responded by highlighting the need to amplify the customer’s voice. He said, “Nium keeps customers at the center of whatever we do. It is important to focus on customer experience at all levels.”

Further discussing the subject of fraud detection and new-age KPIs, Ankit Gupta, Chief Architect, Nium stressed the need to ‘measure what matters’ and focus on network analysis.

In a nutshell, the tech talent networking event stressed on the market’s inherent need to progress toward perfection, for which customer experience would be the defining factor. NIUM’s team stressed on a data-driven, innovation centric approach to fintech, inspiring the crowd to believe in themselves.


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