Net Neutrality: an Industry Perspective

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Now with the growing debate on Net Neutrality, SMEStreet reached out to industry and found some interesting insights on this hot topic of Net Neutrality.

Manav Sethi, Group CMO, Askme said on the “Internet is an essential service and should be provided without any discrimination, zero rating platforms can seriously affect the freedom and growth of the billions of entrepreneurs, quite against the ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’ vision of our government. Any violation of internet neutrality can have a serious bearing on effective and fair competition in the market place. We feel it’s the government’s responsibility to ensure a level playing field for home grown entrepreneurs and at the same time protect the interests of netizens.”


In the brouhaha around the introduction of the ‘Zero Plan’ by a Telecom major, there may be a need to step back and rationally assess the pros and cons of what was supposed to be a breakthrough move in encouraging data access & usage by consumers. Tito Vatapilly- CEO & Co-Founder, Node Technologies  shared his views on the issue of net neutrality by saying, “While it seems to be at variance with the net neutrality concept, the fact that it ultimately benefits the consumers can also not be ignored. For instance, the existence of toll-free numbers provided by certain companies does not limit one’s thoughts to availing those services only. The quality and service of any product is enough to attract its target customers. Free access to a particular service, doesn’t wholly limit the buying options available, more so, when it is quite affordable otherwise. It is ultimately the want of a particular service which makes one avail it, thereby making buying more of a choice than chance. There is a need for a sane debate before digging in of heels by all, so a synthesized view can emerge that factor in concerns of all”.

Node Technologies is a Bangalore based Indian start-up focused on mobile sales enablement solutions through their ‘SalesGo’ App.


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