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Neeyamo Offers Hyper-Automated, Global and Fully Integrated Payroll Solution

Neeyamo Payroll (TM) 3.0 offers organizations a hyper-automated, holistically-global, and fully-integrated payroll solution that caters to their multi-country payroll needs.

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Neeyamo, a market leader in global payroll and global work solutions, announced the launch of Neeyamo Payroll 3.0 at the prestigious Payroll Congress on May 16, 2023.

Neeyamo Payroll 3.0

Payroll 3.0 is a revolutionary upgrade to its Neeyamo Payroll product that can process global payroll in less than five clicks. It is an unrivaled global solution entirely in-house, unburdened by any ICP or external software.

Payroll 3.0 heralds a new era of autonomous global payroll and offers organizations a panoramic view of their payroll operations. Real-time insights and intuitive visualizations provide the ability to monitor compliance and make data-driven decisions. Smart AI and ML-driven input and output validation eradicates errors and discrepancies, automates tax compliance, and simplifies complex payroll calculations.

At the heart of its ability to process payroll faster is the single global payroll platform bolstered by native gross-to-net capabilities in 100+ countries. This comprehensive global coverage ensures seamless payroll operations across diverse geographical locations, enabling organizations to navigate complex payroll requirements effortlessly.

With a powerful global dashboard to provide actionable intelligence, a smart payroll console that oversees input and output validation, and infinite pay drafts that allows unparalleled flexibility and accuracy, organizations can confidently navigate the payroll landscape.

Neeyamo’s dedication to simplifying the global payroll chaos while ensuring compliance, accuracy, and efficiency is at the heart of Payroll 3.0, which seamlessly blends precision and innovation.

Speaking about the launch, Ashok Bildikar, Chairman and Managing Director at Neeyamo, said, “With its powerful global dashboard, smart payroll console, faster processing times, and infinite pay drafts, Payroll 3.0 represents our commitment to revolutionizing payroll management and delivering exceptional value to our clients worldwide. Join us in embracing the power of autonomous global payroll, and don’t miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of the payroll revolution.”

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