Nasdaq Dubai and Brokerage House Securities Collaborated to Promote Equity Futures to Investors

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Nasdaq Dubai and Brokerage House Securities (BHS), one of the UAE’s leading brokerages, have begun a joint campaign to publicise the benefits to investors of trading equity futures.

The campaign will include seminars at Nasdaq Dubai’s new MarketSite event space, tailor made workshops, videos detailing how to trade and other activities that raise awareness of equity futures’ unique advantages.

BHS is a trading Member of Nasdaq Dubai’s derivatives market, which opened in 2016 and includes single stock futures on 17 leading UAE companies including Emaar Properties, Aldar Properties, DXB Entertainments and DP World. The exchange announced last month that it will add futures on 12 companies listed on Saudi Arabia’s Tadawul exchange later in 2018.

Advantages of trading futures include leverage, which magnifies the financial outcome of an investment, and the ability to make gains in a falling market as well as a rising one. Futures can also be used to hedge existing investments and manage cash flow.

Abdul Hadi Al Sadi, Managing Director of BHS, said: “Nasdaq Dubai’s equity futures market is one of the most exciting developments in the GCC’s capital markets for many years, because it hands investors tools to express their investment beliefs in a new way beyond simply buying or selling shares. Futures add flexibility and versatility to investors’ portfolios, and we are keen to outline these benefits to investors as we expand our offerings to our clients. We look forward to working with the Nasdaq Dubai team.”

Hamed Ali, Chief Executive of Nasdaq Dubai, said: “As a leading UAE brokerage with extensive investor links and expertise in the capital markets, BHS is an excellent collaboration partner for Nasdaq Dubai as we expand our mission to raise public awareness of the benefits of equity futures. The ability to trade futures supports vibrant trading activity in the underlying equities and provides excellent opportunities for their investment options.”

BHS is one of the most active brokerages across the UAE equity markets and is part of the Abu Dhabi-based KBBO investment group, which has a diverse portfolio of interests and operates across the Middle East.

As well as providing detailed information on how to trade in order to execute particular investment strategies, Nasdaq Dubai and BHS’ awareness campaign will focus on the importance of responsible decision-making to maximize the benefits of trading and the success of the market as a whole as it expands.

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